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Davies [m] Katie Price and Emily MacDonagh have made a 'pregnancy pact' and 'want babies at the same time'

Posted March 29, 2016, 9:16 am

Katie Price has reportedly made a 'pregnancy pact' with Emily MacDonagh. The mum-of-five , who is back on good terms with her ex Peter Andre and his new wife, has spoken about her desire to have another child and allegedly thinks falling pregnant at the same time as Emily would bring them closer together.

A source told Reveal magazine: "Kate thinks it would be a great bonding experience. She really wants her and Emily to fall pregnant at the same time. They've even talked about it!"

Katie, who is now married to Kieran Hayler and has two children, Jett, three, and one-year-old Bunny with him, Emily also has two children with ex Pete, Junior, 10, and Princess, eight, and Harvey, 13, from a fling with footballer Dwight Yorke, insists she will keep having children. She previously said: "I always crave a baby - I'll carry on having them until the doctor tells me I can't have any more."

Her ex, who has two-year-old daughter Amelia, with Emily, 26, has also said he wants another baby this year. The singer reportedly had a heart-to-heart with Katie recently as they put their issues aside after a long-running feud. "They ended up hugging and Katie was crying," the source continued. "She was relieved that she'd finally been able to talk to Pete face to face."

Former glamour model Katie was pictured at one of Pete's concerts recently, along with their children, Emily and her husband. She even took a photo of Emily on her phone as they enjoyed the show and they were chatting away like old friends.

Davies [m] See how Lisa Riley transforms after shedding over five stone and looks totally different

Posted March 29, 2016, 9:25 am

Lisa Riley has shared the results of her hard work with fans as she displays a new svelte figure for Twitter. The ex-Emmerdale actress who played Mandy Dingle has lost over five and a half stone after starting an impressive weight loss journey last year.

Lisa, 39, had appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2012 sporting a much fuller figure. She has been sharing the results of her regime with fans on social media after posting snaps looking trim and happy during her travels, says the Daily Record.

The 39-year-old revealed her father was the drive behind her fitness. She told Bella magazine: "Losing my mum then seeing my dad wired up and nearly losing him and becoming an orphan was a shock to my system.

Davies [m] Photos: Stepfather Accused of Stamping this 22-Year-Old Girl to Death

Posted March 29, 2016, 3:28 pm

A stepfather accused of stamping a toddler to death performed CPR on the tot while the little girl's mother was out getting cannabis, a court heard. Matthew Rigby made the claims while giving evidence at Birmingham Crown Court today. He told the court he was about to take a shower when he heard a noise from little Ayeeshia Jane Smith and found her turning "blue". Asked where the child's mother Kathryn Smith had been at the time, the 22-year-old said she had gone out to "pick up (cannabis)", but had left without telling him where she was going.

The incident at a flat where Smith lived in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, happened on February 3, 2014, and has been linked by medical experts to an historic brain bleed the child had suffered, which was only uncovered after she died. Medical experts have previously told the court the tot - who also bit through her own tongue - was so badly injured she resembled a car crash victim Rigby, 22, is accused of killing the girl, along with his former partner Smith, 23. The former apprentice engineer today admitted having two previous convictions for assault, and regularly working out at the gym during that time, but denied ever harming the girl or witnessing Smith do the toddler any harm. Giving evidence for the first time, Rigby told the jury today he was smoking cannabis three or four times a week with Smith. He claimed Smith would get moody and "frustrated" if she could not have a joint.

On February 3 2014, Rigby was alone in the flat about to take a shower when he claimed he heard Ayeeshia make "a high-pitched" noise and then found the girl blue and unresponsive. He said: "She wasn't responding to anything I was saying to her, she wasn't moving and she wasn't breathing." Rigby said he started giving CPR to the girl but said Smith was not present, having gone out to get cannabis. After a spell in hospital the little girl made a full recovery and was allowed home with her mother and stepfather.

Rigby also gave a different account to that of Smith when asked about an incident when Ayeeshia cut her lip badly during a fall in the bathroom. Smith had denied being present when she gave evidence last week, but Rigby told the jury his girlfriend was sat in the bath when the little girl had fallen, adding: "I saw that with my own eyes." He said: "She was just jumping in the bath and there wasn't anything to stop her from slipping." Rigby's barrister Mark Haywood QC asked him about Ayeeshia's fatal collapse at the family's flat in Britannia Drive in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, on May 1 2014. Asked by Mr Haywood why he responded with "colourful language" to police after Ayeeshia died, Rigby said: "I felt a little bit intimidated because they wouldn't let us leave the room.

Describing his relationship with Smith, he said they had sparked up a romance in October 2013 telling the jury he wanted to help the young mother "better herself". That statement caused Smith, sitting some distance away in the dock, to shake her head as she listened to Rigby's account to the jury. However, he also accepted their relationship could be volatile and there were "verbal arguments" throughout the time they were together.

Jurors have already heard how Smith gave Rigby a silver-coloured locket containing Ayeeshia's ashes just before the start of the trial, and how their relationship had been continuing right up to that point. The trial continues.

Davies [m] These 4 Students has been Charged for Raping a Woman [See Names]

Posted March 29, 2016, 3:57 pm

A jury has been sworn in to try the case of four male students accused of rape at an exclusive agricultural college ball. Thady Duff, 22, James Martin, 20, Leo Mahon, 22, and Patrick Foster, 22, deny all the charges they face, which are alleged to have been committed against the same woman. They are accused of raping the alleged victim at the end-of-year ball at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, in Gloucestershire in May 2014.

Duff, of Stubbs Hill Farm, Blunsdon, Swindon, Wiltshire denies three charges of rape. He also denies a charge of sexual assault against the same woman which is alleged to have been carried out between October 1 and 31 2013. Martin, of Hook Norton Road, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire denies a single charge of rape. Mahon, of Lawrence Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire denies three charges of rape and two charges of assault by penetration. Foster, of Maldon Road, Kelvedon, Colchester, Essex denies one charge of rape and two charges of assault by penetration.

The internationally renowned university, which until 2013 was known as the Royal Agricultural College, is rated the Oxbridge of agricultural studies. Founded in 1845, it was the first agricultural college in the English-speaking world.

James Martin, 20, one of the accused, arrives at Gloucester Crown Court

Davies [m] Bloody! ISIS monster beheads three Kurdish prisoners, Leaves Body on Street

Posted March 29, 2016, 3:59 pm

ISIS has released a new video in which three Kurdish soldiers are brutally executed in the street in broad daylight. The six-minute clip was released today showing a bearded ISIS member beheading three Peshmerga soldiers in an Iraqi street. In the barbaric act , he slit the throats of the men knelt before him before cutting off their heads. Their heads are then placed on top of their bodies in the middle of the road in Nineveh Province, Iraq.

The sickening video was apparently made to warn Kurdish forces, as it threatens 'you will not be able to hold off the Islamic State'. According to Iraqi news reports, the killer was an Iranian national. At one point in the clip, bystanders watch and cars drive by as the horrific act is carried out.

The video also shows reports of fighting between ISIS and Peshmerga forces. It also appeared to threaten Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani and his Prime Minister son, Nechervan Barzani.

Davies [m] Panic as vile homophobic attack was launched on air cabin crew by this man

Posted March 29, 2016, 4:07 pm

A builder who launched a vile homophobic attack on cabin crew and made a child cry on a trans-Atlantic flight has narrowly escaped being jailed. Scott O’Neill, 40, told passengers "I’m your worst nightmare" and moments before take-off yelled "this is it - we’re going to die" while on board a Dreamliner flight from Manchester to Cancun in Mexico, a court heard. The 40-year-old carried out his tirade of abuse after he became upset he had been seated away from his wife. But he avoided prison after telling magistrates he would apologise to all 291 passengers on board "if I could turn back time".

He also allegedly told cops when he was arrested that he wasn’t homophobic as "I have a gay cousin" and said "I swear a lot because I’m a builder." He started his tirade of foul-mouthed abuse as soon as he stepped onto the Thomson Airlines flight Tom174 on September 21 and was overheard calling the cabin crew "Teletubbies", a court heard.

O’Neill, who admitted he had been drinking and had taken medication, showed a fellow passenger a tattoo of a gun on his stomach and, as he took his seat beside one couple, he told them "I’m your worst nightmare". Then moments before take off he shouted "This is it - we’re going to die". Once the jet was cruising, he was asked to move away from the aisle as he was blocking the drinks trolley, but instead launched a tirade at the crew, reports the Manchester Evening News .

“How long does it take to get a ****ing drink? These two are taking their ****ing time. This is supposed to be a Dreamliner,” he said.

One of the crew asked him to calm down but he replied: “Don’t patronise me. This is supposed to be a Dreamliner. We’ve been waiting two ***ing hours for a drink.”

Davies [m] Brave Air Hostess Hugs Some Freed Hostage before Returning to Hijacked Jet

Posted March 29, 2016, 4:18 pm

This is the moment a brave air hostess on the hijacked EgyptAir plane bid farewell to freed hostages before stepping back inside the jet instead of making a bid for freedom. The woman can be seen dressed in what appears to be the airline's uniform as she directed passengers off flight MS181 , which was forced to land at Larnaca airport in Cyprus this morning. She even pulls one of the hostage in for an embrace before they make their way down the stairs towards a bus waiting to take people to the airport terminal.

However, instead of making a bid for freedom, the woman returns to the aircraft to stay with the rest of the crew and passengers that were being kept hostage. It comes as a spokesperson reportedly told Sky News Arabia that the pilot and co-pilot were asked to leave the plane but refused. Seven people were still held on the aircraft with the hijacker until about 12.30pm (UK time) when four hostages were reportedly freed.

The hostage situation is now over and the suspected hijacker has been arrested, according to officials. He was earlier reported to be a 27-year-old veterinarian but those claims have since been disproved and officials later said the suspect was a man named Seif El Din Mustafa. The man's motivation is unclear, but Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades said the hijacking was nothing to do with terrorism, while a Cyprus government official said the man "seems (to be) in love".

A civil aviation official said the man gave negotiators at Larnaca airport the name of a woman who lives in Cyprus and asked to give her an envelope. It is unclear what relationship she and the man have. Flight MS181 took off from the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria en route to Cairo with at least 55 passengers, including 26 foreigners, and a seven-member crew.

Davies [m] Disturbing Photos: Brussels Airport show bloodstained floors and shattered glass

Posted March 29, 2016, 4:34 pm

These chilling pictures show the aftermath of the suicide bombings at Brussels airport by two members of ISIS. Last Tuesday, two men blew themselves up in the departures lounge of the building. Later that day, another suicide bomber was behind a blast in the Maalbeek metro station. The attacks killed at least 32 people and injured more than 270.

These pictures show the airport a week on as workers begin to clear the building in the hopes of reopening to the public soon. One chilling picture shows the flooring soaked with victims' blood, another shows a lone pushchair abandoned during the attack. Pieces of ceiling and walls blasted open by the impact are left strewn across the departure lounge. And barriers designed to keep passengers in an orderly queue are knocked to the ground as people scrambled to safety.

Other images show complete devastation as the structure of the building gave way to the force of the bombs.Glass was shattered and windows blasted open and the check-in desk of Brussels Airlines is almost completely gone. The heartbreaking pictures are a chilling reminder of the co-ordinated attacks in the Belgium capital.

Davies [m] Celebrity Crashes her £199,000 Ferrari, Charged with Drink and Dangerous Driving

Posted March 29, 2016, 4:46 pm

Tulisa Contostavlos has been charged with drink-driving and dangerous-driving after her Ferrari was involved in a collision. The former X Factor judge was arrested on September 10 near Southgate tube station in north London and she spent nearly 22 hours in custody.Tulisa, 27, had picked up her £199,000 car just days earlier and it collided with an elderly couple's Saab.

A Met Police spokesman exclusively told Mirror Celeb today: "Tulisa Contostavlos, 27, was charged on Monday, 7 March with drink driving and dangerous driving. "She was bailed to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on Monday, 4 April."

If convicted for drink driving, the Young singer could be banned from driving for up to a year. Serious drink driving offences can also carry a prison sentence of up to two years. Tulisa had a difficult few years, after walking free from court after a drugs trial collapsed in 2014. She was mid-way through a career comeback when she crashed her Ferrari. Despite her arrest, Tulisa has been working on new tracks this year and is teaming up with X-Factor's 2010 runner-up Rebecca Ferguson.

Davies [m] See the Shameful Act of Elton John's to His Ex-Bodyguard, He's Got Sued

Posted March 29, 2016, 4:49 pm

Sir Elton John has is being sued by his ex-bodyguard for allegedly grabbing his crotch, twisting his nipples and demanding he “say hello to Uncle Elton.” Jeffrey Wenninger’s sexual harassment lawsuit claims the 69-year-old singer put his hands down his trousers and attempted to “grab his genitals” while travelling together in a car two years ago.

According to the court documents, Sir Elton then tried to intimately touch the American’s 6um before telling him to “Get your todger out”. Although the Daily Mirror does not name victims of alleged sexual assault , Wenninger named himself in a publicly available US lawsuit seeking damages through a jury trial.

In response to the allegations, made in California’s Superior Court on Monday, the Rocket Man has issued a furious denial saying the claims are “patently untrue”. In a statement to this paper Sir Elton lawyer’s Orin Snyder, the US attorney for Rocket Entertainment Group, the musicians’s company, accused the ex-security man of being “disgruntled”. He said: “This baseless lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled former security officer seeking to extract an undeserved payment.

“These claims are patently untrue and contradicted by numerous previous statements made by this plaintiff.
“We will not give into his latest abuse of the legal system.”

In the seven page claim Wenninger is suing the dad-of-two for battery, sexual battery and sexual harassment.

Davies [m] No Holds Barred: Mr Universe Reveals Diet Secrets to His Amazing Physique Here

Posted March 29, 2016, 4:58 pm

When we see bodybuilders with enormous muscles, rippling abs and protruding veins, it might be tempting to assume they live on a diet of pure meat. But Mr Universe is proving that you should never judge a book by its cover - because he's actually a vegan. And he makes a pretty good argument for it. In a new ad campaign for PETA, he said: "The world's strongest animals are plant-eaters: gorillas, buffaloes, elephants and me".

Barnabas du Plessis, aged 41 and a lifelong bodybuilder, used to think that eating vast amounts of meat and eggs was the only way to build muscle. Since then, his health has improved dramatically, and he's never been happier with his physique. Alongside bodybuilding vegan fiancé Josie Keck, he now competes at an elite level as the world's first professional vegan bodybuilder.

In an exclusive PETA interview, he said: "Since becoming a vegan my training has been amazing. I wake up feeling good, I've got more energy, my recovery's really good and I've got no aches and pains. Best of all, I'm not contributing to the suffering of animals."
PETA said: "Going vegan is a great way to improve your health, as vegans are less prone to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer and obesity than meat-eaters are.

Davies [m] This Man Went Missing While Trying to Save Son In Heavy Storm

Posted March 29, 2016, 5:08 pm

A missing kayaker who hasn't been seen since his boat capsized during Storm Katie has been named as dad Grant Broster. The 56-year-old had not seen the flood warnings and his kayak overturned in the River Wey in Guildford on Easter Monday. Mr Broster has not been seen since 1pm yesterday and rescue workers continue to scour the area for him, Get Surrey reports.

In a statement his heartbroken wife Rachel said: "Grant was using the family kayak which capsized. He had not seen the flood warnings. "Our son entered the water to try and help his father but was pulled to safety. Although there have not been any further sightings of Grant, the extensive search continues. "The family would like to thank all the emergency services and agencies who are involved in the search for Grant, particularly Surrey Police, for their dedicated help."

Surrey Search & Rescue were seen searching the river at Millmead in Guildford town centre with a large emergency service presence still at the scene. Mr Broster is understood to have been a regular at the Brittania pub. Guildford resident Beverley Hill said she saw Mr Broster, whom she knew from walking her dog in the area, and his son when they arrived at Millmead on Monday. “He is a very charming, nice and friendly man,” she said.

“Yesterday, I was feeding the ducks with Hamish. I noticed him coming along with his son, who was very eager to get in the water.

Police at the scene where the kayaker capsized

Davies [m] Hotel staff denies newly-wed couple entry to their honeymoon suite [Photos]

Posted March 30, 2016, 10:44 am

Tom Barry, 35, and bride Amy, 33, were left standing at reception dressed in their wedding gear in the early hours of the morning.

They claim a staff member at the four-star hotel refused to give them a new key because she did not believe the suite was theirs. The couple were forced to pay £80 for a budget room in a far flung corner of the hotel. Tom said: "I was incredibly angry. "It was meant to be the best day of our life and we ended our first night of marriage in a horrible room in the corner of the hotel.

"The fact that I was standing there in a suit and my wife
was standing there in her wedding dress was a give away. Marks Tey Hotel Best Western allegedly refused newly weds into their honeymoon suite with no key even though they were in full wedding dress. "The room was booked in my name and they could have simply checked my card and let us in."

Tom and nursery worker Amy used the suite at the Marks Tey hotel in Colchester, Essex, to prepare for their big day. But the couple, who have three children, locked the key
inside the room while leaving for the ceremony.

Davies [m] Pregnant woman chokes to death after getting head stuck in railings

Posted March 30, 2016, 10:58 am

A pregnant mother died after getting her neck trapped in railings when she fainted while dropping her 11-year-old daughter off at school. Tragically, the woman, who was eight months pregnant with twins , choked to death after blocking her airway in the freak accident.

The woman had reportedly just lifted the girl over the railings so she could cross the road to school. But the mother suddenly became dizzy and fainted, and in a freak accident landed with her head between the rails. Desperate passersby tried to prise the metal apart as the woman knelt motionless. But the efforts were in vain and she died with a huge crowd gathered around her.

Both a young woman and an elderly man died trapped in guard rails in Beijing in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Residents have demanded answers and questioned the safety of these rails.

Davies [m] Plane passenger 'finds new way to be awful at 35,000 feet' with very inconsiderate behaviour

Posted March 30, 2016, 11:09 am

Airplanes are hotbeds of annoyance, but we think the one below takes the biscuit. There may be a relaxing holiday waiting for you at the end of it but, let's face it, flying can be an unpleasant and fraught experience. You're stuck thousands of feet above sea level in a pressurised cabin with recycled air pumping a couple of hundred perfect strangers' germs .

There are some things however which do make it more bearable - the films! Yes, dozens of channels dedicated also to TV shows and music. So we can only begin to imagine the anger which must have engulfed passenger Dante Ramos at the lady in seat 22B breaking one of the unspoken rules of aviation etiquette. Congrats to the ponytailed young woman in seat 22B. It is indeed a new and pioneering way of being annoying at 35,000 feet.

After posting the picture, Dante's followers waded in with suggestions about how to get rid of the ponytail, but happily no intervention was needed.

For the record: After marveling for a bit at her obliviousness, we got her attention. She moved it. But this lady is by no means alone in her lack of aviation
etiquette. Angry plane passengers have been posting photos of rude behaviour on their flights - and some of them make for really grim viewing.

Davies [m] See How this 14-Year-Old School Girl was Bullied by Her Mates

Posted March 30, 2016, 11:30 am

This is the sickening moment a schoolgirl is mercilessly beaten on the floor, as onlookers laugh before posting the footage onto Facebook. The disturbing footage shows 14-year-old Bethany Gallimore, from the village of Mow Cop in Cheshire, being stamped and punched before getting back on her feet and nursing a bloody nose. Filmed in Kidsgrove on Sunday night, it wasn't long before the video was shared on social media.

Speaking to the Stoke Sentinel, the victim said: "They crowded around me saying stuff to me, they said I was ugly and fat, that they hoped I would drop dead. "They hit me across the face and kicked and punched me. They then spat on me and left.

Bethany Gallimore: The 14-year-old had clumps of her hair pulled out. "I have been bullied since I was in Year 7, so it was bound to happen sometime. But I don't want it to happen to anyone else." Her parents, Daniel and Denise, took her to Royal Stoke University Hospital after the incident. While there Bethany was given an X-ray, and doctors treated her for cuts and bruising. Bethany's dad Daniel, who works as a lorry driver, said: "Me and my wife went for a drink at the pub and then we saw Bethany walk in covered in blood.

"I was so shocked to see her like that. I was angry and upset but also really frightened for her. We cleaned her up and took her home and later we saw the video on Facebook." Since being uploaded, the video has been shared almost 5,000 times. Her mum Denise added: "I don't want these kids to walk the streets of Kidsgrove and get away with it. I want people to know what those girls are capable of doing. Bethany won't go to Kidsgrove again.

Davies [m] Magic Goes Wrong: Dynamo got Embarrassed on Stage at Star-studded Show

Posted March 30, 2016, 4:12 pm

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Dynamo admitted something could go wrong during his live televised show this evening. Sadly for the incredibly talented magician, there was a hiccup as he took to the stage for Dynamo Live At The O2 in front of the likes of Danny Dyer, Pixie Lott, Professor Green and Kimberley Walsh. After he invited two guests to get involved with one of his tricks, he wowed the audience by making a young male's phone disappear before reappearing in an empty water bottle.

In a bid to prove that it was the gentleman's phone, he asked his other volunteer to ring his number.
At that moment disaster struck. With thousands of people sitting in London's O2 Arena all at once, mobile phone signal wasn't exactly the best. So when Dynamo's female volunteer attempted to call the phone, it didn't work. Cringe!
The magician then desperately asked if anyone in the audience knew his male participant and if so, could they please try dialing his number.

Unfortunately, nobody was able to help him out leaving the magician red-faced. "It is his phone, trust me," Dynamo insisted. At the end of the trick, the magician then handed back the male volunteer his phone - but it was still inside the bottle! Unsurprisingly, he didn't seem too chuffed and looked baffled as he tried to figure out how to get it out. "Well that's embarrassing for the mobile phone trick not working. #DynamoLive," wrote one viewer. Another commented: "Hahahaha oh my god that was so awkward!!! The phone didn't ring #DynamoLive."

Poor Dynamo!

Davies [m] Father died after jumping into an electrified swimming pool to rescue his nine-year-old daughter [Photo]

Posted March 30, 2016, 4:20 pm

Jim Tramel, 43, went to the rescue of his daughter after seeing her struggling, but tragically died himself in the incident. The little girl, who has not been named, survived but is in a critical condition in intensive care. Faulty wires are being blamed for the horrific accident which happened on Easter Sunday. Five others suffered electric shocks but were far enough away from the wires to make it out alive.

Jim, a dad-of-three, was hailed as a hero by his work colleagues from his job as a tech executive in California. They set up a memorial fund to be used or donated by his wife Kim and their three children after his death.

One colleague called Mitchell Weisman wrote on the GoFundMe page : "Please help us raise money to be used (or donated) by the family of our beloved colleague Jim Tramel, who died on Easter Sunday in a tragic pool accident while trying to save one of his 3 beautiful children.

"Jim's lovely wife Kim and their children now face the future without a husband and a father.
"Even worse, at this very moment Jim's oldest child remains in intensive care, fighting for her life.

"Please pray with us for her survival and recovery."

Davies [m] England crush New Zealand by seven wickets to book their place in World Twenty20 final

Posted March 30, 2016, 4:42 pm

Jason Roy smashed England into the World T20 final because he does what he wants with his licence to thrill, writes Dean Wilson in Delhi. And what he likes doing more than anything else is crashing the ball to all parts and winning games, which is exactly what happened against New Zealand as he dumped them out of the tournament with the finest knock of his career so far. He swatted 78 from 44 b*lls to take the biggest bite out of a target of 154 and show that he can do more than just get the team off to a fast start.

Roy epitomises England's white-ball revolution, giving it a tonk from the word go and not being punished or dropped if it doesn’t quite come off, because Eoin Morgan and the rest of the management know that when it does come off, it might just win them a semi-final. “I just went out there and tried to get us off to a good start,” said Roy. “We allow all our players to go out there and do whatever they feel is the right thing to do.

“I gave it a crack and it came off. I got a few boundaries early and went from there. I just thought it was a chance to get a great start and we won well.

“The whole team has a licence to do what they want and be free with their skills. I just looked at the runs we needed and tried to knock them off, if you let the occasion get to you then it can be to your detriment.

“You want to give yourself a chance, but when you get off to a good start like that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t just keep going.”

And boy did Roy keep on going to complete a stunning all round performance that should send a warning to India and the West Indies, who clash on Thursday to decide Sunday’s final opponents. This young, un-fancied, inexperienced England side played like a gang of gnarled old pros the way they squeezed the life out of New Zealand with the ball, fielded like demons and then batted as if it were the easiest thing in the world. Jos Buttler added the flourish with a trio of sixes to hurry they game to a close and a win by seven wickets, but this was another impressive team effort from a side who are getting better and better and will be a real handful come the final.

Roy added: “We’re getting better with every game and the next one is just another game, it just so happens that it is a World Cup final at Eden Gardens in front of 100,000 people!

Davies [m] Look at how babe Kelly Rohrbach sends temperatures soaring as she flashes her 6um on huge ATV

Posted March 30, 2016, 4:47 pm

Baywatch babe Kelly Rohrbach sent temperatures soaring as she led another day of filming in Savannah today. And she's not just a natural at that famous beach run. The stunner was snapped on a huge ATV for new scenes, and couldn't resist flashing her 6um in her tiny red one-piece and a pink Puffa jacket.

Wearing her long hair tied back, she had all eyes firmly rooted on her, before being joined by fellow beauty Ilfenesh Hadera.
Clearly wearing the jacket between takes to keep warm, Kelly was later snapped in her tiny plunging red swimsuit behind her co-star, looking the perfect replacement for Pamela Anderson. Ilfenesh opted for a longer sleeved one-piece, as she took over driving duty for more scenes.

Kelly, who plays CJ Parker in the big screen reboot, was spotted adjusting her swimsuit on set just hours before. It was a head-turning display to say the least when the blonde beauty checked out the way that her costume clung to her bangin' body. The 26-year-old appeared to be paying special attention to her cleavage, presumably with the intention of showing off her assets. Expectedly the fiddling grasped the attention of her co-stars who were watching on nearby.

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