Sometimes you wonder why some of these celebrities look so completely unrecognizable without a full face of makeup, then you know exactly how transformative certain makeup techniques can be. With these makeup tips, you can change your entire look instantly.
It’s possible to slim your face, enhance your favorite features, and play with proportion—all with makeup.

Here are 8 tricks that will help you achieve a slimmer appearance. They are all quite easy, but they take a bit of time and experimenting to learn. You don’t have to use all of them at once; choose the tricks that you feel best for your makeup.

1. Use highlighter: Highlighter, along with bronzer, can help contour your face and can make it look even thinner. As a rule, your highlighter should be just one shade lighter than your natural skin tone, so it can make your skin “pop” without looking too unnatural or dramatic. Carefully apply it at the apples of your cheeks, the top of your nose and your forehead

2. Contouring: Create the illusion of slimmer cheeks by applying your contour shade in a diagonal line from the center of your cheek up toward the ear. Make a slight “fish face” while you do this with your brush to figure out the perfect placement, and don’t forget to blend. The higher you place your contour shade, the sharper your cheekbones will look. Finish off by swiping the highlighter across the tops of the cheekbones to really bring out the contour.

3. Slim the Nose: To make the nose slimmer, you need a powder slightly darker than your natural skin tone, concealer or highlighter a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and two small brushes to blend.
Take the darker powder, draw a thin line on each side of your nose. Use the small brush to blend along each edge. Then, taking the highlighter, apply it above the nose between your eyebrows and then draw a line down the center of your nose. Take your brush and blend into your skin.

4. Sharpen Your Jawline: Use a bronzer darker than your skin tone and simply blend it along your jawline to create a subtle shadow, which will make your jaw appear sharper.

5.Choose a Neutral or Nude Lipstick: If you want to slim your face then it’s best to let your eyes be the focus. If you focus on both your eyes and your lips, there’s going to be a competition for attention. It also can make your face seem fuller when both eyes and lips are bold. Neutral or nude lipsticks are wonderful when you’re going for a slimming look. You can still do a bold lip but play your eye makeup down for the best look

6. Choose the right eyebrow shape: A higher, more pronounced arch helps balance out a round face by vertically stretching its appearance, drawing the eye upward.

8. Don’t forget your forehead—blend your contour shade upward into your temples and around the hairline to emphasize the angular qualities of your bone structure.