The European commission President Jean -Claude Juncker has threatened the US president Donal Trump following his open support for the United kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union.

Mr Jean hit back at DJT that he would champion the exit of American states like California and Texas that wanted to secede.

“The newly elected U.S. president was happy that Brexit was taking place and was asking other countries to do the same, “If he goes on like that, I’m going to promote the independence of Ohio and Austin, Texas, in the United States.”

“Brexit isn’t the end of everything, we must consider it to be a new beginning,”

The U.K.’s decision will make the EU “more determined,” Tusk said, adding that the bloc would remain “united in the future, also during the difficult negotiations” with the U.K.

Merkel's Speech

“Many people are saying the world and Europe are going a bit off the rails,If we act together in Europe, we can do it much better than if we do things on our own in a world that isn’t sleeping.”