Krissi and Shane McCollow were 5 miles away from The Little Brown Church in the Vale in Nashua, Ia., on Saturday where they would exchange their vows, start a new chapter as husband and for their most memorable day the bus ful of the bridal train became very hot and smoke started creeping into the bus forcing the train to evacuate. Fire engulfed the bus shortly after.
According to Krissi,

"I just knew something wasn't right because of the smell and smoke."

Krissi said that when they first entered the bus upon leaving Cedar Falls for Nashua, which is about a 35-minute drive, it was "super hot" inside. They asked the driver to turn on the air conditioning, but then the bus became frigid. The driver flipped the switch once more.

"That's when we started to smell a weird smell," Krissi said. "It started to get smoky on the bus," which progressively worsened.

Hanna encouraged the party to pose for wedding photos with the flaming bus in the background and when the firemen arrived, they happily posed for photos too. Hanna said her goal is to document a wedding 'from beginning to end' so she didn't let a small fire rain on her parade instead she seized the moment to capture memories that will endure.

Source: Desmoinesregister[/img]