An Ohio couple whose 2-year-old son is undergoing treatment for stage 4 brain cancer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus decided to bump up their June 2018 wedding to January and relocate the ceremony so he could be a part of the celebration.

Logan, whose last name is not disclosed, was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in 2016. The cancer is the most common malignant brain tumor in children, with most cases diagnosed before age 10. He’s undergone surgery to remove a tumor and was initially cleared after months of chemotherapy, but the tumors returned on his brain and spinal cord around Thanksgiving, Fox 11 reported.

“Celia and Geff decided to move their wedding plans up from June 2018 to January because it just felt right to them,” Morgan Dempsey, Logan’s grandmother, told Fox 11. “The hospital staff went out of their way to make it so special for everyone.”

Dempsey snapped a photo of the couple walking Logan back to his room after the ceremony, which the hospital shared on its Facebook page. The moving black and white image has gotten more than 2,500 likes since being posted on Jan. 10.

“It speaks to me of bravery, love, and the ability to find joy and happiness in almost any situation,” Dempsey told Fox 11.

Logan’s father is currently training with the Columbus Police Department, and the couple’s other son is staying with family members.

“No child should have to endure this awful disease,” Dempsey told Fox 11.