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Here are the 10 Commandments of Job searching @ 10:35 am On Mar 25, 2016
by JLO - (Recruit)

There is no question that the hiring/recruiting process has evolved greatly over the decades, or even the past few years for that matter. Having been in recruiting a number of years now, I've had the privilege of keeping my hands on the pulse of the hiring trends and job market each day.

I often meet with people in transition or at a fork in their career, that ask me "What do I need to do to stand out in today's job market? How can I make myself more marketable?" The sense of frustration is real, as the automated screening systems and multi-step interview process can lead to exhaustion.

Though I don't claim to be the best recruiter on this earth, I do strive to be as helpful as possible and include as much advice as I can. That said, below are what the modern 10 Commandments look like from a recruiter's perspective today:

#10. Thou shall have right expectations

-Remember, when working with recruiters, we are not magicians. Though at times, we wish we could perform hiring magic for candidates, we are caught in the middle of candidates and companies looking for top talent.

-It is important to find the balance of appropriate follow up, without being too demanding or invasive.

# 9. Thou shall know thy reasons for looking

There is no question that money is an important factor in the job search, but be mindful of how high of priority you indicate this is on your wishlist. Often, if I hear money is the only driving factor, this is a concern, as I know there is a high likelihood of a counter-offer acceptance or departure from the position at stake soon after they get the call for the next highest paying job.

# 8. Thou shall not burn bridges with recruiters

-While it is never a good idea to burn ANY bridges, often recruiters have either a great memory or a great CRM system to document unpleasant experiences with candidates that have gone out of their way to be disrespectful.

# 7. Honor thy word

-If you promise someone to send your resume that night or call back the following morning, follow through. We know you're busy, but so are we. If something comes up, it is just as easy to send an email asking for more time, etc.

# 6. Thou shall stay organized in the job search

-Know where you've been submitted or applied and the general time frame

-There is a general rule in recruiting "If a candidate has already applied or been submitted to the given company in the past 12 months, our hands are a bit tied in representing them for that particular role." (Some exceptions apply)

# 5. Thou shall not be afraid to ask for advice on thy resume

-You may ask 10 people and get 10 different answers, but regardless of what you hear, it is always important to tailor your resume toward each job you're applying for.

-The days of the 1 page resume are long past. With companies becoming increasingly picky, they want to see all of the technical skills and don't mind seeing a 2-3 page resume (so long as you have adequate experience and aren't adding fluff to increase length)

-Hard skills are best to include. While the soft skills of "Great communicator" and "Hard worker" are nice, those have come to be assumed attributes.

#4. Remember the appropriate departure notice

-Any way you slice it, a given notice is always important to consider, as your future hiring manager would want the same respect once you come work for him.

# 3. Remember to provide reliable references

-It is best to prepare each reference that someone will be calling or attempt to align the recruiter with that particular reference.

-Always keep references professional unless directed otherwise.

# 2. Thou shall be aware of the counter-offer

-I hear countless stories of people choosing to stay for a counter offer, that indicate they have a target on their back now and feel that they are overworked to earn that new dollar sign given by their company. The statistics are real - Typically best to stay with your gut and commit to your original decision.

# 1. Thou shall be realistic about compensation

-Though there are exceptions, generally, companies don't try to double anyone's salary. If the company provides better compensation for a permanent role, a $5,000-$10,000 raise seems to be par for the course in today's market.

While the job search can be less than thrilling these days, it is an evolving game. Should you find yourself quietly putting feelers out for other roles, please don't hesitate to reach out, as I'm happy to provide a second set of eyes in the market.

Credit: John Peitzman

Recruiter at Provisions Group
[email protected]

Re: Here are the 10 Commandments of Job searching @ 8:59 am On Mar 31, 2016
by webzilla - (Recruit)

Makes sense

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