One thing I've learned in my life, so far, is that the creative process is more important than the end result. To me, it’s all about the journey, from starting a project to the completion. Always trying to focus on the present moment as opposed to what you may gain in the end.

I’ve come to realize that there’s a real spiritual side to creation. Understanding this has allowed me to remain conscious of a particular feeling or mindset and to honor when a passion is driving you to be creative, whether that is professionally or personally focused. Throughout my life's endeavors, from making music to designing clothes, three constants are: I remain real to myself, pure about the project and true to my whole aesthetic.
Following these principles has allowed me to coordinate my business activities with my personal milestones. When No Doubt recorded Rock Steady, we had been over a decade into our career. I had just gotten married, and the timing felt like a natural place for us to take a break. Spiritually, this “break” turned into a “project.” Other genres and types of music inspired me, and having this time allowed me to create my first solo album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

The same goes with fashion. The process of creating a look has always been a passion, since I was a little girl. During the start of No Doubt, I had always designed my show outfits and loved to tap into that innovative side. During the same “break,” the inspiration to create music influenced the desire to create my first clothing line, L.A.M.B. The designs were inspired by clothes that I was drawn to and would want to wear – that simple. I discovered that people responded when I was creative, and the exchange I would get – from New York fashion shows to seeing people on the street wearing my designs – really gave me the inspiration to continue to do more, move forward with growing the brand.

'Throughout my life, three constants are: I
remain real to myself, pure about the project
and true to my whole aesthetic'.

By staying true to yourself and your beliefs through work, the overall process can be very therapeutic. With my current record, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, I had a huge wave of inspiration and just went in and recorded song after song. Music can be extremely powerful, especially when writing about your own life. There’s purity in that. With No Doubt, we made the type of music that was honest to us. We were playing together in a garage in Anaheim. We had no clue that we would ever become a known band! It was all about the process of being together, creating music together. You always want to feel proud, comfortable and honest with what you create.

Evolution is a very natural process. In work or life, it’s best to not overthink or force yourself to try too hard. Things should move forward in a natural way. With No Doubt, L.A.M.B. or This Is What The Truth Feels Like, it’s about the process and the journey. It’s honoring that passion and drive to be honest in the moment. That’s something I’ve learned is true in life as well. For me, it’s about focusing on the present and less about what will happen at the end.