American President-elect Donald Trump challenged Toyota Motor on social media platform Twitter Thursday, writing that there was "NO WAY" the Japanese automaker could export its Corolla cars to the U.S. from a planned Mexican plant without a "big border tax."

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda said Thursday that having established a plant in the region already, the company bore "responsibility for employment and local society" there, and indicated that he had no intention to change plans at present. The new plant is expected to begin production in 2019. Trump's message appears to have been in response to Toyoda's statement. Fellow Japanese automaker Honda Motor likewise shows no signs of backing away from producing cars in Mexico.

America's Ford Motor announced Monday that it was canceling plans for a Mexico plant after facing similar criticism from the president-elect. Trump has similarly threatened General Motors of the U.S. with a "big border tax" on Mexican-made models of its Chevy Cruze line.