Without wasting of time am heading straight to the point. Today if there's anything that disturb individual health more believe me is back pain. Indeed Suffice to say at this stage that most back pain, probably including yours, is due to repetitive microtrauma. This broad band of spinal problems covers all those pesky conditions that won’t fit neatly into one of the previous categories. They range from common conditions such as an achey ‘flu to the downright serious, such as spinal cancer. Luckily most of the nasty conditions are rare. I’ve listed some other causes of back pain here, not to alarm you, but so that you are aware that they exist:

+ Cancer and other tumours
+ Viral conditions, such as the flu, Ross River Fever, etc.
+ Shingles
+ Kidney problems
+ Inflammatory conditions, such as Ankylosing Spondylitis
+ Stomach ulcers
+ Tuberculosis
+ Meningitis
+ Infected bones
+ Lung problems
+ Gall bladder problems
+ An aortic aneurism (a weakened blood vessel in your tummy).

How do you know if you have one of these conditions? Sometimes you don’t. But there are usually warning signs that may suggest that your problem is serious. Spinal health practitioners call these signs ‘red flags’. Please read the following list carefully. If you have any of these warning signs then don’t be brave or overly fearful: simply make an appointment with your doctor.

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+ Constant pain that never varies in intensity.
+ Pins and needles or numbness that does not vary in intensity.
+ Pins and needles in both feet or hands that are in a ‘sock’ or ‘glove’ distribution.
+ Back pain that began with another illness.
+ Recent unexplained weight loss.
+ Problems elsewhere, such as unexplained vomiting, fever or shortness of breath.
+ Severe headaches and neck stiffness that are associated with your back pain.
+ Family or personal history of cancer or other serious pathology.
+ Persistent morning pain and stiffness that takes more than two hours to warm up.
+ Unusual skin rashes that occur with your spinal pain.
+ Weakness or severe clumsiness in the legs.
+ Pins and needles or numbness in the genital region, particularly if it is combined with
incontinence or bowel disturbances.
+ Pain that is worse with rest, particularly persistent night pain.
+ Back pain that began following a urinary tract infection.
+ Night sweats.

Do you have any of these signs? If so, put down whatever device you are reading this book
on and make an appointment with your doctor. Go on, do it now.