Woe to you who add house to house and join field to field till no space is left and you live alone in the land Isaiah 5:8 (NIV).
Greed is the disease maiming, destroying or killing the people of the world today. Causes of wars, conflict and hunger is greed.

What is greed? It is excessive or rapacious (having or showing a strong wish to take things for one sell, usually using unfair methods or force), desire for wealth and possessions.
People are no longer satisfied with what they have. A self-centered person, cunning man, a glutton, greedy being and a none giver is a greedy man. What will a person who stole billions from the public fund do with it? I think that is madness. These looters know that people worship money, hence they continue to steal that poor and the vulnerable may be worshiping them.

It was greed that destroyed Gehazi and his family and it is still destroying families, communities and nations. God is not the cause of our problems, it is demon of greed. Perhaps you don't know that greed is demon, of a truth it is. If you are greed, you are possessed with demon and you need deliverance from the captivity of the demon of greed. It is only the power of Jesus Christ that can deliver you from this demon. However, the choice is yours, no one will force you to repent from your sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior but you will be wise to make Jesus Christ your choice that your burden of sin may be offloaded.
Let us change our ways so that greed will not lead us to problems and destruction.
Pray this prayer: Lord, save me from the sin of greed and pray the same prayer for our leaders world wide especially African leaders.
God the listeners and the doers.

By Pastor Matthew Oluwasesin