11 Bad Habits That Drive Your Girlfriend Crazy
Keep these behaviors up and you might be at risk of losing your lady.

It’s completely normal for you and your girlfriend to get on each other's nerves now and then when you've been dating forever and a day – especially if you live together. Humans aren’t perfect, and even we ladies make mistakes that can be incredibly aggravating. But maybe there are just a few teensy weensy things you do that are slowly driving your girlfriend up the wall. A few things that -- with time and maybe a little operant conditioning -- can even be eradicated. And don’t you want more sex? Yes.

1. Getting Way Too Drunk With Your Bros

You stumble home at 2:30AM, drunk off your ass, whining noisily for a sandwich. You slam the door loudly, you take off your shoes loudly, you pee loudly, you DO EVERYTHING LOUDLY. Next time, pass on the last three beers. Buzzed is okay; outrageously wasted is not.

2. Expecting Us To Cook

Dude, you have hands and a brain. You’ve seen an oven before.

3. Ogling The Attractive Waitress

We’re not blind. We can definitely see you sizing up the admittedly gorgeous restaurant server. Could you be a little less obvious, please? Or at the very least, can you not stare directly at her breasts? Thanks.

4. Refusing To Do Your Part In Cleaning the House

We get that you’re okay with the mess -- but we’re not. Show some consideration: get out the Windex and start scrubbing those panes! Maybe it'd even turn us on. We’re thinking it would. Yeah…it definitely would.

5. Only Wanting to Watch Dude Movies

You’re obsessed with the Fast and The Furious franchise. We know this because we’ve seen every installment with you…twice. We’re all for gritty action flicks, but other times we just feel like pairing a glass of white wine with a nice, romantic City of Angels-type movie. Is that too much to ask?

6. Talking Only About Yourself

I once dated a guy who was only interested in hearing himself talk. I felt like I had to actually thank him on the rare occasion he took the time to actually listen and respond to what I was saying. It was a pretty lame ordeal. Don't be completely self-centered.

7. Flaking

Continually bailing on plans is an incredibly annoying habit for a friend, relative, acquaintance, or partner. Especially if it’s at the last minute, when we’re already sitting in the restaurant. Unless it’s a true emergency, commit, and be there when you say you will.

8. Excluding Us

“Guy time” is one thing; scheduling back-to-back outings with your friends six nights in a row without your girlfriend is another. Bring us along once in awhile.

9. Leaving Dirty Dishes In The Sink

Am I the only one who can’t stand to see cheese-encrusted plates -- lonely, neglected and in need of a serious bath -- sitting in the sink for days on end? At least take the time to rinse the food off. It also wouldn’t kill you to wash a few. Like, with soap.

10. Refusing to Go Grocery Shopping With Us

“I hate shopping,” you say. “Looks like the store was out of all of your favorite foods,” we say.

11. Snoring

To be fair, this last one isn’t entirely your fault. Still, could you tone it down a little? We’re trying to sleep.