Many people have probably been in dozens of relationship and all of them didn’t work out… And they are probably wondering “what’s the problem?” “Is it me? Or is it her?”. Well, here are some reasons why the fault is probably from you!

1. Inability to communicate negative emotions in a positive way
When you feel bad and angry you don’t know how to express it without causing severe harm to the listener….. Nobody likes being hurt by words, this one of the reasons why you are still alone and bitter

2. You don’t like talking to people so much
You are a lone ranger in all the sense of the word, you don’t want to talk to people on the phone or spend time with others… You find too much comfort in solitude.. .Guess what? That’s why you are “undateable” even boring people call boring people “boring”

3. Your expectations of people usually don’t make sense
This is probably how messed up your expectations are “I want you to want sex a lot but I don’t want to feel like an object that’s only good for it. I want you to give love and support and be there for me physically and emotionally, but also have a vibrant life of your own. I want you to understand my difficulties in opening up but also push me into spilling the beans on how I really feel. I want to be taken along to your events with your people but not that often. I want you to be comfortable with me going on my own in speaking with strangers and getting to know people at a party for hours on end, but also have you near me in case I don’t like who I’m with.”

4. You let people think they know you, when they actually don’t
Many times in your relationships you divulge secrets to people that aren’t really secrets and lead them into a false knowledge that they actually know who you are, however soon you start displaying attitudes quite contrary to who you said you are… Leading many times to the question we often hear in break-ups “I thought i knew you”. This is another reason why you are very “undateable”

Those are top four things you need work on if you still want to enjoy a great relationship