A police officer in southern China made a driver kneel in the street after he took photographs of the policeman’s vehicle breaking traffic regulations, according to a TV report.

The officer in Shenzhen later apologised to the driver after he was suspended from his post, Guangdong Television reported.
The driver, whose full name was not given, saw a police truck cut across a solid white line marking in the road to move from the right to the middle lane, blocking his own car.

After a traffic light turned red, the driver got out of his car and took pictures of the truck, which had stopped across more than one lane. Shenzhen police have offered rewards to people who take photographs of traffic violations as part of a road safety campaign launched last year.

A police officer and his assistants then pinned the driver to the ground, grabbed his mobile phone and made him kneel on the side of the road, the report said.

Then they caught his wife by her arms and neck as she was taking pictures of what they were doing to her husband.
“They made me kneel on the street like they were interrogating a criminal,” the driver told reporters. “It took away my dignity.”

The officer then took the couple to a traffic station where a police chief apologised to them.

The official was quoted as saying that the officer who made the driver kneel down was in a bad mood because he was getting divorced.

The driver said he suffered injuries around his waist and his wife’s neck was also hurt.

The police have agreed to pay their medical expenses after Friday’s incident, according to the report.