Get Cheesy

When on a date, and there’s a distinct possibility for romance to follow, then light bites are a must. Perhaps one of the ultimate finger foods, cheese has been believed for centuries to hold aphrodisiacal properties that science is only recently catching on to.

Visit an artisan cheese shop or check online for recommendations on pairings for wine or fruit to accompany the cheese, but here’s a pro-tip; when in doubt, go for items from the same geographical region. Wines, beers and cheese from the same area tend to complement each other in terms of flavor.

Long-Distance Dating

Even if you and your partner don’t currently share a ZIP code, that’s no reason not to be scheduling a special evening for two. VOIP services make it possible for you both to have a movie night from the comfort of both of your homes, just fight the urge to feed each other popcorn (it gets butter on your screen!).

And after the credits start rolling, both of you can dim the lights and share some sexy video content of your own!

See Something Silly

A cheaper alternative to legitimate theater – and way more fun – is checking out the funny side that your town has to offer. Most urban areas support a comedy scene, and whether the style is stand-up or improvisational comedy, both are guaranteed fun.

Who knows? You might catch the next big name in the funny business trying their hand for the first time, giving you the lifelong license to say that you saw them way back when!

Rediscover Your Town

After a while of living in one spot, it’s easy to forget what makes the town you live in attractive to outsiders. So check out the tourism hot spot in your area – it’s a quick way to see a side of your city you’ve perhaps never seen before or forgot was even there.

These touristy spots also have cafes and restaurants with great ambiance and surroundings, making for a pretty evening worthy of a few snaps for Facebook as you play tourist in your own town.
The best part? No hotel bookings or air travel required.

Hit the Spa

Getting a full facial/mani/pedi treatment with the girls is fun, right? So why not introduce your man to the joys of some spa-based TLC? He may be intimidated at first, but if you opt for sauna access and shiatsu massage, he’ll start changing his tune as he begins to unwind.
Time permitting, you can make a whole day of it as you test out all of the amenities together – and who doesn’t like lounging around in a bath robe all day? Sounds pretty spa-some to us!

Get Whisky’d Away

Find a pub specializing in whisky or bourbon, and schedule a whisky tasting with their resident drink master. Take an imaginary hike through the Scottish highlands some Islay malts, or traipse through Kentucky and Tennessee with some sips of bourbon and rye while being schooled on the finer points of flavor and what makes regional qualities of each. Then, choose your favorite of the lot and toast to famous whisky aficionados Dylan Thomas, Hunter S. Thompson and Raymond Chandler while you’re at it!

Sweat a Bit

Date nights are their hardest to come by when kids enter the picture, so as a mini date night to enjoy between date nights, make use of the time after you get the kids to bed to get physical together.
When the little ones are sound asleep, put in a high-energy workout DVD and get your blood pumping together. Some recent studies have pointed out a correlation between competition and increased libido, so challenge him to see who can do the most sit-ups or push-ups and enjoy the lovemaking benefits of exercise.

A good date is sharing an experience that pushes you out of your normal day-to-day and into a situation you share together – so whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, ask your partner out and try some out of the box thinking!