A "fool for love" is a phrase used to describe a seemingly willing party who is ready to go all the way to please the other party to the very best of his or her ability.

We all know that love is a figment of imagination and no matter how you profess love to another person,that same person can turn around and rub it on your face and this is why many people are extremely careful in the way they express their affection towards whoever they claim to love just to avoid being called a fool for love.

But the bigger problem lies in trying to be too careful as many people have lost potentially wonderful affairs just because they preempt the motive of the other person who might just be very sincere with them thereby losing that person to another who is ready to be a fool for that same man or woman regardless of the expectations.

I have come to realize that the best way you can have peace in any affair is to risk it all...in other words, become a fool for that man or woman you truly desire..

If you feel like helping your bae through school,business or just buying him or her an expensive gift as well as going an extra mile please go ahead without second guessing or thinking negatively that the person could leave you someday for another.

How many of us have felt like getting an expensive gift for our bae or going the extra mile but have stopped to think "Is he/she really worth it?,what if he/she leaves me eventually?,what if he/she is cheating on me?" and we just change our mind.

If we must have a great affair and a peaceful one at that,we must learn to follow our heart and act towards our bae as if such person will never leave but at the same time, expect them to leave even if you give same the whole world.

The truth is that you don't go into any investment with mediocrity and expect a favourable outcome.

Every love affair is like a profit or loss business investment with an element of risk but deserves our "best" input to succeed and whether it works out or not is a different ball game.

Just follow your heart.