We are now within forty-five days of the release of the highly anticipated Pokemon Sun & Moon Games, the next chapter in one of top-grossing companies in the history of video games. Usually with the new releases of Pokemon Games comes a number of leaks before they can even hit the market, with more frequency the closer you get to the release date. And as expected, this is starting to happen with these two games, now going so far to reveal the Second Stage Evolutions for the new set of Starter Pokemon!

The first Pokemon seeen here is the evolution of Rowlet, the Grass-Flying Tye Alola Starter, which will be called Dartrix. Dartrix looks remarkably similar to Rowlet, resembling a more mature owl, also keeping the same typing and ability of Overgrow.

The second Pokemon seen here is Torracat, the evolution of the Pure Fire Type Alola Starter of Litten. Again, Torracat looks very much like Litten, merely rowing in size and losing some of the vibrancancy of its red coat.

And finally, we have Brionne, the evolution of the Pure Water Type Alola Starter of Popplio. Out of the three second stage evolutions revealed, Brionne obviously looks the most different from its pre-evolution, taking on a much more cute and feminine appearance. However, it remains the same type with the same ability as Popplio.