The people of Mexico have a rich cultural and social heritage. Kindness and courage are the hallmark of a true Mexican. It is these attributes that have made the country what it is today. A courageous spirit pushed Mexicans to fight for their independence and a kind heart has allowed the natives to incorporate other communities into the country’s meshwork.
Despite having fought many wars in their past, Mexicans have continued to hold on to their festive spirit. In fact, every holiday in Mexico, whether national, religious or specific to a region, has a festival of its own. Religion is also at the core of the Mexican.

Whether it’s practicing Catholicism in its true form or a form of Christianity embellished with traditional practices, Mexicans are known the world over for their strong religious systems. This love for religion has made Mexico a moral society. Below are a few facts about Mexico that you should know about.

Facts about Mexicans

* Most Mexicans identify with the Mestizo ethnicity. This is a mixture of the various ethnicities of Mexico, majority being of mixed European and Indigenous heritage.

* Most Mexicans reside in urban centers. Over seventy percent of the population lives in towns.

* Family unity is at the core of Mexico’s value system.

* Religion is a fundamental support system for most Mexicans. The most widely practiced religion is Christianity with Catholics making up eighty nine percent of the country’s population.

* Mexico is a patriarchal society.

* Most spoken language is Spanish followed by the sixty two indigenous languages.

* Mexicans enjoy celebrations and festivities.