Since the invention of the telephone different uses for the phone has been seen and am sure that we are yet to see more. I remember the first time that the GSM got to the shores of Nigeria; a lot of funny things happened, infact at a point the handset was termed GENERAL STREET MADNESS because of the funny things that happened when people used the GSM. However, today the days of the GSM is far gone, now we have Android phones, Apple phones, Windows phones but one thing that didn’t go with the handset was still the term (General Street Madness) especially amongst our ladies. There are somethings that the ladies do with their phones that are out of the ordinary. I would list some of them.

1. USING THEIR PHONES AS A MATCHING OUTFIT:: Ever gone to Slot and you see a girl desperately looking for a particular kind of phones color? Or looking for a blue pouch, Gucci pouch or Luis Vuitton pouch? This could just be because they have a Luis Vuitton bag that they want to “rock” with the phone. It’s funny how our ladies has turned the phone, which is supposed to be a machine for communication to an Outfit.

2. FOR SHOW-OFF: I know so many girls who flaunts Iphone6 who don’t know half the functionality of the IPhone. You may ask what the hell they bought it for? The answer is… For show! They just want to be amongst the happening girls who have the IPhone6.

3. AS A MIRROR: No need for mirrors any longer as long as there are Phones. Nowadays girls use phones for mirrors. I was at an event and a girl walked up to me and said “can i use your phone?” I thought she wanted to browse or make a call so I humbly obliged and gave her the phone, to my surprise she started using the phone to check out her face….. I was really taken by surprise, are phones now used as a mirror? Seems our ladies want to take those selling mirrors out of business.

Are there some things that girls use phone for that we didn’t list? Please help me list