Just like the biblical Account of Elijah, a prophet of God challenged the prophets of Baal and slaughtered then for the people of Israel, a similar contest seems to be brewing as an 83 year old founder of a pentecostal ministry, New Covenant Christian Fellowship, NCCF, Incorporated, Nnobi Anambra State, Apostle Chukwusom Okoli, has thrown a challenge to witches, wizards, occultist and spiritualist all over the world for a spiritual contest.

Okoli said he wants to use the contest to re-enact the feat of Prophet Elijah who, on Mount Carmel, called down fire from heaven, a feat the prophets of Baal could not perform. Okoli said he intends to prove to witches that the God that did that got his Prophet Elijah was still on the throne and that he changes not.
“For a long time now, a lot of people believe in occultism, charms, witchcraft, wizardry and all sorts of satanic manipulation instead of believing in the Almighty God. I want to use the opportunity of the contest to demonstrate to the people of this generation which is supreme, God or all those witches, occultists, and all their likes. I want to assert which way is the way of life. Then, there is need for contest to determine who is supreme. The battle will take place between 12 noon and 1 pm on December 25, 2016 at Gospel City, Nnobi, Anambra State. All these groups should come to together against the Apostle of Christ from 12 noon they can do everything in their powers to bring me down and after their attempt, I will then come on board and bring down the power of God ” he said.

“This challenge has gone into the internet and social media, it involves all parts of the universe: India, United States of America Europe, China among others, and I insist that there must be a clear demarcation of who the Supreme being is, It is not going to be a joke, it will be a total war”he said.

Apostle Okoli who took a swipe at Igbo nation for allegedly making the name of Almighty God of non-effect said that evil spirits have possessed lot of things the Igbos do on daily basis and there is need for drastic change for God’s plan for the people to materialize.
“We take orders from devil, Igbo’s are used to obeying shrines. You can see a professor sitting in front of idols, yet they made Igbos to believe they are serving Almighty God. The issue of Christianity has been muddled up. Most bishops, General Overseers, Pastors are occultists, two-third of people who claim to be Christians may not be Christians after all” He averred.

He regretted that “some people are killing Christians for no justifiable reasons” he however declared that “those who are killing Christians all over the world, would regret their action as they are already challenging the authority of God, but I pity them”
The octogenarian leader of NCCF, said that God prepared him for the contest by putting him in different occult groups since 1954, when God took him to a West African country to learn Arabic and Islamic religion which afforded him the opportunity to come face to face with occult men from different countries. “At a time I joined the Ancient Mystical Order Rossue Crucis, AMORC, but God later brought me out”
” I have gone a long way into mysteries of life. God was pitting me into secret society for at least two years each for a purpose. There is no truth in secret society and occult groups” he concluded.