Earlier on today, one of my sisters shared with me a conversation she had with a lady. The lady asked her; ‘Has God abandoned us? Why are we suffering like this?’ My precious sister reminded the lady of God’s previous victories in her life and taught her a life lesson. This conversation led me to remembering and writing this piece that I know will bless you.

We just banked the only check we received from Eddies’ new job, and through my error of assumption we were told that we would not be able to receive cash for 21 days. We walked back home, a pregnant woman, a toddler and a very unhappy man because we were now faced with the issue of where to get money to buy food for the family. It was not a great place to be and there was the option of ‘why Lord; have you abandoned us despite the fact that you sent us here?’ We knew and chose not to do that.

As we got into our room in our shared house; we agreed with ourselves that God is a good God and despite our mistakes and assumptions, He would still provide for us miraculously. Not quite sure how he was going to do it, but certain He could and would – that was not debatable. What we were unsure of was ‘how’ never ‘what if he doesn’t’. As the afternoon progressed, a brother knocked on our door bringing food to our home. The miracle was that, we had not seen him in over a decade, and the day before we got stranded financially, someone we both knew informed him that we were now in the UK. He mentioned that he felt a very strong compulsion to try to find us and bring groceries with him. He did not know our situation but felt he needed to come that day and bring the items. He was on his way to play badminton but took a detour and came over. Needless to say, the Lord provided food for us that day and beyond till the next payday; which was the following week.

We reminded ourselves and our children of this testimony when Eddie went into full time ministry and at some point, we were so challenged that our fridge which was always bursting with food looked like it lacked the excesses! On this said day, our teenage son, Asher, walked to the fridge and as he opened it, he shouted out to his dad, with me in the background saying… ‘Dad, are we skint?’ his dad first asked him what that meant – to which he explained; ‘are we poor now? Why is the fridge empty?’ His dad answered, ‘Asher; look properly, there is plenty food, you just can’t see it.’ Asher shrugged and walked away, probably thinking his parents had lost the plot! After saying that, it was not up to 2 hours later when a lady came through the door saying I felt very strongly that I should do some grocery shopping and bring your way. I was going to have my afternoon nap but felt compelled to go shopping and bring to you. She did and needless to say, my husband asked my son to come and take another look at the fridge. As he did that, he saw that the fridge was full and bursting with food items again. Eddie now asked him; ‘Asher, did I not tell you that there is plenty food, you just couldn’t see it. God has not and cannot abandon us!’ Well that little lesson taught Asher and us that God is forever faithful. If He promised you, He will do it and if He has done it before, He will do it again. He will never abandon you.

When God came to visit Gideon, he had queries that some of us can relate to today

‘Sir, Gideon replied, if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us? And where are all the miracles our ancestors told us about? Didn’t they say, the Lord brought us up out of Egypt? But now the Lord has abandoned us and handed us over to the Mediantes ’ Judges 6:13
Gideon felt abandoned by God and had queries, questions and doubts. He felt there was no solution to their present problems; but God had already made a provision for solution and that was what God was bringing to Him. It is interesting to note that God does not bring problems to us but solutions.

As you look at your mountains or challenges; look beyond them to the big God that can surmount any mountain. The same way he compelled people to bring us food when it was needed; He is still in the business of meeting people just at the point of their needs. He will give you a miracle beyond your imagination. He orchestrates things to suit His plans – but will never and has never abandoned his children. He will not start with you.
God is on your side!

God is on your side!
Credit: Bola Iduoze