Powerful enough to kill 300 reindeers.!!! At once
Lighting bolts killing animals aren’t new, but never had it been seen before, that one single strike killed over 300 animals. The photos were released by Norwegian Environment Agency. A single lightning bolt killed over 300 reindeers

Reported by CNN, More than 300 reindeer have been killed by a single
lightning strike at a Norwegian national park.
Pictures released by the Norwegian Environment Agency on
Sunday show 323 carcasses scattered across a small, isolated area
in Hardangervidda National Park. The plateau-like park in south-
central Norway is home to Europe’s largest herds of wild
reindeer, according to its website.
One of the agency’s inspectors discovered the dead animals over
the weekend after a storm passed through.
Wild animals are occasionally struck by lightning, but the agency
has never seen so many killed at once, spokesperson Kjartan
Knutsen told CNN.
“We have never experienced such numbers before. This is very
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