A lot of guys like to embrace a versatile haircut—but not everyone out there can rock every hairstyle out there well. Certain looks will work better for some guys than others and vice versa. Turns out, your face shape has a lot to do with whether a cut looks awesome on you—or just plain silly. So, we reached out to a few of the industry leaders at the top of the game to help you understand which hairstyles are best for the six major face shapes. You'll see that they completely agree in certain instances, but have varying opinions in others. So, read through each expert's take on the cuts that are right for your face shape—then make an educated decision on what your next hairstyle should be from there.

Our expert panel:
Theri DeJoode
Global Technical Director, American Crew
Co-owner + Director, Groom For Men, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

Nick Arrojo
Owner, ARROJO, New York, NY

Martial Vivot
Owner, Martial Vivot, Salon Pour Hommes, New York, NY
Celebrity Hair Stylist

Now when you go in to get a fresh cut for the fall, you can impress your barber by knowing exactly what you are looking for, instead of saying “just take a little off the sides." You're welcome.