Truenaijayarn met Halima(Not real name) in one of the slums of Agric which part of the Ojo local government in Nigeria. Halima is just five years old and guess what she is already engaged to be married!. She is Bethroted to one “Brother Rasheed”. Truenaijayarn was opportuned to talk to the little, the Bright girl who is so full of life and quite a beautiful child, is seen jumping around and playing close to the shop of some hairdressers. The girl who has been fated to marry immediately after her primary education. When asked what the name of her husband was she said in her timid and child-like tone “Brother Rasheed”, to make sure that she knew what she was being asked, we told her that it’s not her blood brother we are asking about… She said yes that she knows, that her husband’s name is “Brother Rasheed”. I felt so much pity for this young beautiful girl who doesn’t even know the first thing about marriage and hasn’t been giving the opportunity to grow up.

When we asked her if she liked Brother Rasheed, her pretty face contorted into a full blown frown as she shaked her in head vigorously in disapproval. She’d be married to man who she has absolutely no feelings for. Her mother has been persuaded by people to allow little Halima to at least finish her secondary school education but her mother has blatantly refused and insists that Halima would be married to Brother Rasheed immediately after her primary school education.

How won’t she marry after primary education? The girl has been bought for from birth, probably brother Rasheed picked her and made his intentions to marry Halima right from the day she dropped out of her mother’s womb. Probably the “Brother” is Already paying for the child’s primary education, I highly doubt that after all his investment he won’t be allowed to take his bride at the stipulated time. Halima hails from Niger state and lives In Ojo local government, Lagos. Another great life sold out to a pedophile! Indeed we need to #save our girls#