I am lost for words as to what exactly happened here. Pastor Bushiri is seen walking on the air from the church back to his home. This video raises many questions. Questions like.

1. Is this a display of God’s power?
2. If the answer to the first question is.. Yes. Then I ask, Is there any place where Jesus just flaunted how powerful he is?
3. Would God allow such a brazen display of power?
4. Did pastor Bushiri call someone and was like “hey, hold this camera and record, am about walking on the air to my home.
5. Is the video doctored?
6. To what end is the floating all about?

All these are cogent questions that this video raised. Though this video has been viewed on YouTube more than One million times. Watch it and tell us what you think about Pastor Bushiri ditching his Car and walking home on the Air.


Watch the video http://truenaijayarn.com/speechless-pastor-bushiri-walks-air-church-housevideo/