This write-up is supposed to reveal some hidden truth about women. Some people would say women are necessary devil. I don't know what that is supposed to mean exactly. But I do know that women are very important and the most interesting being on earth.

If it were not so, why is everything that involves women so different and interesting? Some even call women salt of the earth. Well, how else would you describe a rib that became a living being? Woman, a creature created out of a creature by the Creator Himself.

Yet, to some, everything negative is surrounded by the specially created being.

We are not here to eulogize women today, neither are we here to slam them. We only want to take a deeper look at some of their thoughts, which we believe make them do or say some of the things they do that remain mystery yet to be unraveled by any man.

Follow me closely as events that surround the choice of title for this write-up unfold.


Have you heard any woman made the statement before? "I didn't marry you for your money." This is a pure lie and women too know this.

If that truly is the case, why the fuss about men being gainfully employed before going into marriage? Why are ladies avoiding unemployed men and why divorcing husbands disengaged from work and unable to provide for the home front again?

If the money from the job has no relevance after all, what do men need the job for in marriage then? To get busy or something? It's not funny. Women can be difficult to understand.

But, if you take a second look at this statement, women are actually right. What women see in men is beyond money. Words can't explain what they see. But am convinced it's not money. They don't want to be stranded in life, that's why they want to be very sure a man is truly ready for the journey of life with them. It's not about money. That's why they are called best home managers.

Sometimes, when women say my children are my love, it can make the husband jealous. You will see women on the social media with the pictures of their beautiful kids, with different captions. "The love of my life" "My heart", "My life" etc.

Men don't get worried seeing this because men know all is a lie. If children are your love, why did you get married in the first place? Why not look for any child around and love him or her?

But looking at it again, it could be true. When a marriage is getting delayed to be blessed with children, it's the woman that cries, get worried and run around for help the most. Men do too. But it's gonna be on a scale of 7 to 3.

So, why would women be so much worried like that about child bearing? It's because that's another part they so much love in marriage. Women love children.

This is another lie being told by the women. Almost all women tell this lie, especially young and unmarried women. When you ask them why men are their best friends they will tell you women gossip a lot. They would say women like to gossip about their fellow women.

So, if this is totally true, what's the number of female friends a woman has to the male friends she has? No wise woman would want her man's jealousy unleashed, seeing different men flocking around her and not make a precautionary move.

Every woman gossips, no doubt. So when these women want to gossip whom do they gossip with? Their male friends? Lie! They still go back to their fellow women they complain about.

On the other hand, their husbands is still their best friend, making their statements true after all. Every woman gossip with her husband. So, I submit, men are women's best friends.

This doesn't sound like it's true. At the same time, no sane man should dispute this statement, because there is no man that has experienced labour pain before. So let's give it to our women on this particular one.

But one contradictory thing about this statement is why they keep going back into this pain if it's truly the most painful. Some people even said the pain is unexplainable. If this is true why would every woman wants to have a taste of this pain?

Who doesn't like easy life? Who doesn’t want a painless life-living? Longing to experience this pain by every woman could make one wants to count it as one the women's many lies.

But this can't in anyway be a lie, because experiencing this pain validates every woman's motherhood status. Every woman wants to be validated as a mother.

This hilarious statement is the most common and the widely told lie among women. It is funny how women think anybody would fall for this line of lie. Anyway, am not totally sure if women plead for anybody to believe them. They just want to tell this lie.

This may be true all the same if we look at it very well. Aren't all women supposed to be their husbands sweet sixteen? Maybe this is what they mean when they say just turned 16!

Women are deep and sometimes difficult to understand. We can only try.