Linda ikeji or as I love to call her Aunty Linda ikeji is C.e.o of Linda ikeji blog(Lib), Nigeria and even Africa’s most popular blog. Lib also ranks one of the top websites in the world according to the Alexa rankings. This woman’s story is phenomenal and mind blowing, I have never met aunty Linda ikeji but her story is one that inspires me not just as a blogger, but as a human being too.

Aunty Linda ikeji is a benchmark for success, if success is a measure of money, then she’s successful. If success is a measure of impact, then she’s successful! This amazon refused to sell her body for money as is the tradition of many young ladies in Nigeria today, she refused to follow African mama’s instruction which is “Grow up, take good care of yourself and a big man would come and marry you). Aunty Linda ikeji decided to make her name for herself by herself and today she is celebrated all over the world

I read one of her stories she shared online, on how when she was In school, she mad up her mind never to sleep with any man for money, when all the girls in school was following the Aristo trend(following men who were old enough to be their fathers) Linda ikeji stuck to her firm belief, which is, that a girl’s success is not determined by a man. However, she came from a poor background and this hit hard on her and she had to draw back on her belief and went to meet an Aristo who had been on her case for a very long time. When she met the man at the hotel, the man demanded for sex, which Aunty Linda refused to give him, the man got angry and left, leaving her with just little money that was barely enough to transport her back to school.

Aunty Linda, boarded a bus and halfway through the journey her money couldn’t carry her to school, so she had to trek, as aunty Linda trekked….. She said….. She cried as she trekked back to Unilag Akoka campus Vowing that she would be a success in life irrespective of any man, and that she would never sell her body or need to be dependent on any man. Today her declarations of years past has been made manifest in LIB which remains Africa’s biggest blog.

This great great woman is not resting on her oars despite being where some people can only dream of….. She announced last two weeks that she’d launch Linda ikeji music, which would compete with Nigeria’s top music blog Naijaloaded, she also is set to launch Linda ikeji fashion. Amongst all these she has set out to achieve, she has just announced the coming of her own TV show and radio show, with the stage for the TV show to be set-up in her 85million naira office!!!! Please give this Amazon a standing ovation. She has achieved what many women don’t achieve due to the “Am a woman” mentality. Many of this women who are waiting for a guy to hustle day and night and come marry them and be an ATM and bank vault. Now tell me, if aunty Linda ikeji decides to get married tommorrow it would no longer be on the ground of the man being financially stable, or highly positioned as she herself has all those in abundance, she’d get married to just the kind of man she wants! (ladies take note)

I bless God for aunty Linda ikeji, she’s a big inspiration to me,and I hope to achieve more than she has done. A woman who is now a challenge to men. God bless you. Bigger you I pray!!