It’s amazing that no matter how well you do in life, your weakness can always be a barrier to progress. Irrespective of how great your strength is, your weakness can overshadow your strength to the point that no one remembers you by your strength but by your weaknesses.
There is a gentleman by the name of Luis Suarez. This gentleman plays football for one of the top premier league club in United Kingdom (Liverpool) and he is extremely good at what he does. He can single handedly win games for his team; that is how good he is. But he has consistently had a weird habit that has given him very bad publicity. In a recent premiership game, this gentleman bit another player. It was such an unusually and bizarre situation which he was penalized for. Even if his club and manager wanted to support and fight for him; his bad action made it impossible. This man had shown such action twice that we were all aware of in the past.

Then came the World Cup and as expected he was the one to watch in his country’s line up because he is extremely good. Again, true to expectation, he was excellent and played a few matches where he stood out. However earlier this week, as he was playing for his country, he got frustrated and upset with another player and out came the teeth again! He could not control himself, he bit the other player. His opponent was shocked and straight away alerted everyone to what just happened to him. There was a slight debate of whether Luis Suarez truly bit the other gentleman or not, but many of us believed he did based on his track record. Of course, the play backs showed that there was a high probability that Luis bit his opponent.

The press then went to town talking more about the bad habit of this gentleman than his ingenious football prowess. Right now no one is focusing on his footballing skills but this action of biting another player. It no longer matters whether he was provoked or whether he was innocent; his weakness had led him to a bad behavior which is now casting a major shadow on his strength, skills and success. He is now being made a mockery of by the whole world and has become a laughing stock because of his weakness.

Our weaknesses can indeed destroy everything we have spent years building within minutes or even seconds. It does not take a lot to destroy a reputation or a career that we have spent years building. No matter how great you are in life, self-control is a very big element of personal development that we need to embrace. Maturity is reflected and sometimes even measured by our ability to control our weaknesses. This gentleman, though a great footballer has now got the whole world talking about his weakness, rather than his strength – which is great football. FIFA, the footballing body is now looking into the behavior and are likely to penalize him. He will be punished for what he could have avoided. He will no longer be celebrated as a hero for his country for all the beautiful football and great goals scored, but recognized as a man that brought embarrassment to his country through his action.

God’s word warns us

‘A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.’
Proverbs 25:28 NLT

Walls are built to protect a city and when they are broken down the city is subject to all sorts of negative activities and eventually attacks and ruin. So is a life without self-control, it exposes one to so many dangers which ultimately can lead to the downfall of the Individual.

A gentleman, Rick Warren said; ‘people with self-control master their moods, they do not let their moods master them.’ I strongly advise that you manage your emotions and mood; so that they do not end up bringing you down; when God is set to take you up. Do not just work hard to build great skills, careers, businesses or even ministries when you have not equally worked hard at building self-control; lest the devil attacks you with your weakness in future.

The world stage is set to celebrate your success; so work on your weaknesses so they do not embarrass you and eventually bring you down.

God is on your side.
Credit: Bola Iduoze