A lot of times Artiste yearning to release their album. Unfortunately, a lot of then release the albums only to be sold to friends and family. The question is what went wrong? Why aren’t they able to penetrate the market? These are questions I would address and show you how you can self release your album.

The first thing to ask is if you’re ripe enough to release an album? The Nigerian market Is full of unsold albums. I have bought an album and found out that I liked just one song there, so what happens to the rest, I don’t play them. So maybe all you need do is release a single or mixtape.

How to know the right time to release your album?
1. When you’ve successfully released your single. And you’ve attracted a substantial volume of fans and followers. That means a lot of people are talking about and downloading your songs.

2. When you’ve been securing performance opportunities in your immediate community and local venues with evidence of audience appeal.

3. When you’ve been able to gather enough funds to finance a quality music production.

4. When you’ve been able to develop a thorough plan On how you’re going to effectively promote, market and distribute new releases.

1. GATHER ALL THE NEW MUSIC. Most singers get their ideas while playing On the piano and save them with names. If you do this…. Then listen to that saved works after months and pick the ones worth working on. Most ideas sound stupid after some months of looking at them. But one may just sound really great.

2. COPYRIGHT ALL THE SONGS YOU’VE CHOSEN. There is no bigger risk than releasing songs that aren’t copyrighted. If someone steals them, and copyrights them…. That person would look more legit on court than you.

3. PLAN THE STUDIO SESSIONS. Planning the studio session is a good idea, even if now all the songs aren’t perfect. There is time to work on that and having a date helps to be more efficient on the music development. Start thinking of when to release and the release date. In some cases it takes a year or half to have everything set up.

4. THINK OF THE ART WORK. Get professionals to get the artwork done. When you are selling your album, the art work is the first thing your fans would see. The artwork is as important as the music itself.

5. THINK OF WHO WOULD DUPLICATE IT. Start involving companies who would help duplicate your album. Start getting estimates.

6. RECORD. Put in the extra time to make quality music. Fix up those tiny mixing flaws and re-record that shaky voice. Get everything as perfect as you can. You have to remember that the music is the most important part, so don’t rush this step.

7. SPEND TIME TO LISTEN TO YOUR ALBUM. If you don’t love your sound, no one else will. Spend time and soak in your sound and enjoy it.

8. SELL IT. So you figure out your market. Record the Cd, finished the covers, had your Cd pressed up and ready to go. Sell it! Find out where to sell it, who to sell it to…. And at what price to sell it. Digital copies can be sold online through Amazon, iTunes, eBay, and other online merchants.

If you followed those steps…. You just self released your album!