Welcome to the Month of August. Here's a tip for a more productive month. 

Don't W.A.I.T!
Waiting means

Intelligence &

My definition of course, but rightly so, because whilst waiting you stay in one place or remain inactive - physically, mentally etc .

A lot of people do this and in the process waste a lot of time that could otherwise have been productive. For example waiting for a meeting or appointment with your boss or colleagues to commence can drain time, yet you can convert this into a time of productive thinking or light work instead of chatting away.

Also whilst waiting for a response, or go ahead from your boss on an important proposal or project there are most likely actions you can take to either improve the proposal or jump start the execution, of course depending on your level of authority and urgency, instead of "remaining inactive" on the matter.

Time is the most important asset you have. And it's the same amount for everyone, yet some people are able to do so much more than others within the same time. You can be amongst this group this month and make use of every opportunity that comes your way if you don't W.A.I.T!

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