Whenever it comes to art, creativity is needed and very important. It is true that some people have a natural ability to be creative in music….. It still can be learnt by a anyone who is dedicated enough to improve their level of Creativity, and this is applicable to the newest novice or the most advanced performers. All creative musicians have some things in common See them below.

1. BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF MUSIC: You don’t have to be a music virtuoso to be creative. But you still have to learn one or two things…. Thats why if you are a serous musician you must have a Basic or even advanced knowledge of music(I recommend one the best music school in Nigeria. Tenstrings music Institute)
Learn basic chords, progressions, styles and modes. This gives you a block for your Creativity.
Get a basic understanding of music and you’d have a foundation for your creativity.

2. LISTEN WIDELY: Listening carefully to varying styles of music can increase your level of creativity. Listen to genres different from those you like… A lot of musicians only listen to music that appeals to them. Listen to music that you don’t neccasrily like, analyze and pick articulations you don’t know. Also listen to Music that you like and master them. This gives you insight for your own songs and enhances your creative abilities.

3. FREEDOM TO CREATE WITHOUT FEAR: Create your own tunes and sound. Don’t be afraid of what it may sound like, some of the best songs where initially crappie. When you are creating something unfamiliar, take a pause and look at it, but don’t stop keep doing it. When you keep doing the things you feel comfortable in you’d never unleash your musical Genius.

4. BUILD GOOD PRACTICE HABITS: Schedule times to work and rehearse. Never get uncomfortable with where you are. Practice new and old stuff, you’ll notice improvement from how much better you can play stuff you already knew.

5. ALWAYS BE WITH YOUR TOOLS: As a blogger and a media person, I never go anywhere without my camera cos you never know when that event that can skyrocket your business comes…. As a musician who is looking to unleash your genius, you never know when that Idea that could get you to that next point of your music comes.
Always go out with a pen, paper….. A recorder could also come in handy.

6. HAVE CLARITY ON WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE: Define what you want to create. Make notes of what you have in mind……. A short writing is better than a long memory. Define what you want in details.

7. TAKE A BREAK: Sometimes music can become as tiring as running a marathon race. So sometimes take a pause, go for a walk. Mild exercises can also help shake up the brain cells.

8. DON’T BECOME AN ADDICT: Don’t do drugs or become addicted to a particular practice without which you can create. People on drugs think they are creative. To everyone else, they seem like people on drugs. You only need to learn to work on your strengths.

9. YOU CAN’T BE EMPTY AND CREATE: Exercise your brains by reading a lot…. Musicians are intelligent people. Talk to clever people, argue with intelligent people. Read as much as you can about everything

10. PLAY AND HAVE FUN: Creativity is all about play, fun and flow. When you lose track of time and have boundless energy, doing the thing you love.