We all know that music is a lucrative career path if done well… However getting to the top in the music career is one hell of a journey. Even a deal with a major record label isn’t necessarily going to make you rich. But there are some things every musician must do of they want a successful music career.

1. MOTIVATION: Write your songs everyday. We all know people who have so much songs on their hard drives. This isn’t enough. No successful record label would feature a single verse or an intro.

THe art of writing is one that develops with time and effort and, if you’re good already, imagine how good you’d be if you write more everyday. As good as Usain bolt is, he would never line up to run, unless he He has practiced enough.

2. GET GOOD: You can’t make it in this business unless the music you make is good. Your music must be something that is commercial and can go beyond family and friends.
Everyone can’t make it in life, the world needs to be balanced, hence the need for unsuccessful people too. Do everything you can to live above the average. Devote time, effort and money to powering your dreams. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

3. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Beware of Deals you cut on your way up. If you write your music copyright it. Know a little about entertainment laws so you won’t be cheated, nor ignorant… Remember ignorance is no excuse in law. If you cut deals with a anyone, be sure to honor it or expect to hear from lawyers……. A lot.

4. GET SMART: Many musicians don’t read. Know your books. So that mistakes like debts and bad expenditures would be avoided. Thee is no reason why you can’t handle the finances yourself. When it gets too much, because you are doing so well…. You can consider getting help too.

5. GET SOCIAL: Start your marketing with social marketing. This costs nothing but time and it’s no hard to bring a network of people together who will begin to understand what your music is all about and help you. Also use free sites like Soundclamp and Bandcamp which let you upload music for your fans, to hear and comment on.

6. BE A PROFESSIONAL: As your profile grows, it’s time you bring In some personells. Hire people who can raise an awareness for your brand. They also have a specific target which must be met.

People like this are good at getting in touch with people you may find it hard, reaching yourself, such as newspaper and radio journalists pluggers, gigs, brokers and other essential industry contacts. They would take your market to the public and work as hard as possible to ensure that awareness for your music. Often, the momentum generated by a few months of careful marketing can be sustained by your thereafter.

People fail in music not because music has the tendency to fail you….. Because people don’t take Music as seriously as other endeavors in life….. Remember there is a Business to music… (Music business)