Everyone wants to be successful, that is the ultimate goal of every human being. Every endeavor that people go into, they expect success in that endeavor.
But the truth of the matter is that, not everyone would be successful, success is achieved by a conscious effort.
So the question is, why do some people achieve success and some others don’t??
Why aren’t you successful yet?

1.YOU DON’T DREAM BIG: People that don’t dream big can’t achieve big things. One of the most celebrated billionaires in Nigeria Dr cosmas maduka the C.E.O of Coscharis motors said. One day he was going out with his mum when he saw a tall high rise building and he pointed the building to his mum and said “one day am going to have something like that” his mum perhaps thinking she’s being humble shut the young man up, telling him not to be greedy. Today he has gone ahead to build a lot of those high rise buildings.
One of the reasons why you aren’t successful is because you aren’t dreaming big enough. Start dreaming big, don’t be humble in your dreams, dream big!

2. YOU ARE PESSIMISTIC: This is also another top reason why you aren’t successful yet. You never feel positive about anything. You start a new Job and someone asks you “how’s the job na” and you reply with a “my brother, nothing dey Dat work” that’s you being very pessimistic and people who are pessimistic never attract good things. Your negative energy would eventually chase everything, and everyone around you away.

3. YOU AREN’T PASSIONATE WITH YOUR WORK: Passion is the driving force behind any successful person. Take a look at all the successful people around you and you’d see that they have one common thing, and that is passion. If you aren’t passionate with your work, you’d eventually give up at any slightest obstacle that comes your way. I have seen people who start off something and few months into the business, they give up because the needed passion wasn’t there.

4. YOU GIVE UP SO EASILY: This may just be one of the reasons why you aren’t successful because you give up very easily. You’ve tried once, twice and immediately you thrown in the towel. Many people give up when all they needed was just that last try and they would have gotten there. Many people give up just at the edge of their breakthrough. If you are the type of person that gives up so easily, then you aren’t ready for success yet.

5. YOU REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES: Nothing slows progress as much as repeating the same class every year. Imagine a child whose dream is to get to jss1 but keeps repeating the basic4, if he doesn’t pass basic4 he would never get to his dream. If you are someone who doesn’t listen, you make the same mistakes all over and over. It’s not wrong when you make mistakes, but it’s definitely wrong when you make the same mistakes all over

6. YOU ARE PROUD: Every successful person is a humble person. Pride is not necessarily the way you walk, or talk. Pride is a state of heart. When you come to that place where you feel no one is better than you, you look down on people. People would never work with a proud person or help a proud person, so humble yourself and you’d see success chase after you.

7. YOU ARE INDISCIPLINED: When you aren’t steadfast. Today you are here, tomorrow you are somewhere else, basically, you are everywhere. Success would only be something you hear of but never achieve. Successful people are disciplined people. They discipline their minds, desires and wants just to get to where they want to be. One of the greatest example of discipline was showed by Jesus Christ when he said and I paraphrase “for the glory set before me, I endured pain….” that’s a perfect example of a man who knew what he wanted and was able to discipline himself to get there.