Dr cosmas maduka, is a man whose story inspires me, over the week I’ve been reading the amazing life of this man who turned 1dollar into 500million dollars. The first day I met Dr cosmas was when I was very young, My dad had the privilege of working with this amazing man, and so I was having my 9th or 10th birthday can’t quite remember and he came to our restaurant, he carried me on his lap and gave me a music box as a present. As I grew up, this man inspired me more and more to be what I want to be…. If a man who dropped out of school, due to loss of his father could go on in life to be such an icon and epitome of success, then there was no excuse for failure. God uses people’s life to build the faith of his other children, Dr cosmas maduka is one man who’s testimony is indeed faith-building

Cosmas Maduka biography

Name: Cosmas Maduka
Full names: Dr. Cosmas Madua­buchukwu Maduka
Date of Birth: 24,December, 1958.
State of Origin: Nnewi, Anambra State.
Occupation:Business man, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Coscharis Group of Companies.

Dr. Cosmas Maduka is a Nigerian Billionaire and business man of great reputation, He’s story is that of grass to grace, a fighter, survivor, winner, someone who did not let the circumstance of birth prevent him from achieving his destiny and heart desires of making it in his endeavours, though not privileged to have a formal education following the lost of his father to the cold hands of death at a tender age of 4. Chief Cosmas Maduka went on from just a young apprentice and a serving boy at a very tender age of 7, to building one of Nigeria’s great brands, ranging from Auto,Banking, Information communications technology,Manufacturing and other businesses. These all started from a one man business he founded, Coscharis Motors, Which from its humble beginning is now a large conglomerate, he also served as a non-executive director in Access bank board.

In his biography Dr cosmas said
“one of my most vivid recollection of my childhood is the day our courtyard was full of people. It appeared to be a huge festival. I remember seeing my father dressed in a suit, laid out on a bed. My mother was weeping uncontrollably the whole time. Looking back, I realize that must have been his deathbed. It seemed like one of the best days of my life as I got anything I wanted, including a lot of rice and chicken. I certainly did not feel that anything bad had happened”. This was the event that shaped the life of cosmas from the age of four.

Cosmas was born in Jos in 1958, he had two brothers, an elder brother, pius, and a younger brother Raphael and three sisters Justina, Florence and Assumpta. The sisters all are married.

After Cosmas father died, Mrs maduka struggled to make ends meet by frying Akara(bean cakes) and share them into trays, giving one to each son to sell before school. Cosmas would finish the first tray and usually came back for the second round and sometimes third round..

Cosmas was later sent to live with his maternal grandparents who showered him with love as a grandparent does to a grandchild. Cosmas loved God so much and his yearning for him was insatiable, before the age of 10 he had joined the legion of Mary.

Cosmas worked as an apprentice in his uncle’s store,and was later invited to Redeemed Christian Church of God by one brother olu. Brother William f kumuyi always ministered there Mondays before he moved on to open his own church deeper life ministries.

Cosmas maduka served under his boss and was settled 200naira which was still quite small as far back as then due to his faith and belief in God especially when he broke out of the orthodox church.

Cosmas later went on to marry sister charity ikedife who was born 1958 to Frederick and Janet uzo oyibo ikedife. Infact she is some months older than her husband(so who says the man you must marry must be your eldest brother’s age before it can work) her people initially refused to give her to cosmas maduka, because at that time he was very poor compared to her uncle’s who were considerably well to do,and her Father also was a well to do business man…. Eventually through perseverance and prayers, it worked out.

Cosmas maduka and charity went on together to build the Coscharis conglomerate we all know today. Coscharis which is a coining of their two names (cosmas and charity) is one of the biggest multinational companies we have in Nigeria and has the sole franchise to BMW, range rover, Land Rover, jaguar cars in West Africa.

They are blessed with five wonderful children, I met with with first born son….. Cosmas Jr when we attended the same church as children.
The the others are
Jonathan also known as jo-jo
The only girl In their family -Charity
Timothy also called tim-tim.

Dr cosmas maduka’s story is truly a story worth sharing, a story that inspires every one that indeed through hardwork, sheer determination and God’s grace one can rise up to unprecedented Heights.

I admire and respect this man, he is a mentor, a family friend. God bless you Mr cosmas maduka.