Since the invention of android phones, the Internet has received a larger number of Internet users.
Whatsapp, Facebook twitter, pininterest, IMO E.T.C Has all received a large number of users…. However, we all know that when something gets down here to us In Nigeria, we take it very personal and probably abuse it.
We all know a lot of apps now for locking pretty much anything on your phone, from your messages, whatsapp, music, videos, contacts….. Pretty much anything……especially our ladies.
However there is a very bad side to this and that’s what am about to share.
I saw a story like this on and felt it wise to share talk in that line

A young guy and his friend were driving in their car along Lagos-ibadan expressway and they were talking and having a good time. When suddenly a trailer swerved off the road and Hit them. One was unscathed but the other was very badly injured, unfortunately help wasn’t forth coming. So the friend that got out unscathed had to call for help….. He picked his friends phone, he managed to unlock the main phone because his friend had told him the password before, but when he got to the Contacts, behold it was locked too!!!! He tried to unlock the Contacts but he couldn’t…. And his friend was lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood…. And help wasn’t coming forth, the trailer that hit them had swerved off the road into a bush and everyone was dead….. They could only see the expressway from a distance because the impact threw them into the Bush.
The friend tried ceaselessly to unlock the phone, he couldn’t. Then he finally decided to run to the expressway to get help. When he got help and came back, his friend was already dead. He had bled out and died.

Please don’t lock your phone unnecessarily, especially your contact. If you don’t have anything to hide, why lock every single thing on your phone?
Please learn from this sad event.

What do you think?