We all love our popular “molue” buses. For those of us who hasn’t been in public transport, that is, you were born inside a Toyota venza then this post is not for you, but for those of us who jump public transport then we can understand what am about to post.
Inside public transport you would See political analysts, sport analyst and public Speakers but you may not know them…. Yet
I have seen some seen some very funny people in our beloved “oshodi oshodi” buses, lemme highlight a few of them

1. THE SLEEPERS:This particular people just love to sleep inside bus. Are they homeless? I don’t know. But one thing I know is that once they enter the bus, they just place their heads on the seat, and breeze off. I consciously try not to sleep in buses, before dem carry me pass my bustop.

2. CONDUCTOR FIGHTER’S : This one’s make sure that whenever they enter the bus, they must fight with the conductor either by asking for unpaid change, or for the seat not being comfortable enough. “conductor give me my 50naira change na!!!!! I no go gree for you o!!!!!!”
Conductor:I no get change oga!!!
Passenger: you dey craze!!!, oga find me my change!
Blam!!!!! The fight starts and ends up slowing everyone down.

3. PRODUCT SELLERS: This one’s can be a nuisance especially when all you want to do is think about your life, while the cool breeze hits your face and blows away all your sorrow. Then you hear “eheeen!!! Agogo herbal cleanser don come again o!!” lolzzzzzzz, this is where always going out with an earphone becomes very important.

4. POLITICAL ANALYST: If you are bored and wanna start a conversation, just get inside the bus and say “this buhari sef don tire me!” the responses you would get, can alarm you. The ones who would start telling you of how Nigeria got independence would start…….. Lol, who ask una??

5. SPORT ANALYSTS: This one’s don’t even need you to say anything. They can start by themselves. If you are ill-lucked and they all sit on the same seat with you…. You are done for. “wetin my club, Arsenal go even play this season” Lolzzzzz, “my club” arsenal doesn’t even know if you exist

6. THE QUIET GUYS: Sometimes I fall into this category…. We just wanna sit in the bus and think about our lives. Except the PRODUCT SELLERS disturb us. If you aren’t careful. You may think we are dumb…. We aren’t, we just don’t want to be disturbed.

7. THE FATTIES: When you See this one’s climbing unto the bus, you would start emergency prayer “God, my father and savior, don’t let her seat here in Jesus name” if you are unlucky and God wasn’t close to the phone when you called. She would seat with you and the only way for you to get space is unless you put one of your legs outta the window. The worst part is when she now keeps saying “please shift for me, adjust”….. Lol. Madam make I jump commot for bushuh?

This is where we would stop for today. Have you met any of these people. Or there are some people you’ve met we didn’t include.