Getting admitted to school Is really a memorable moment especially for us here in Nigeria. Because we know the hustle to get into school here is real! Some people have written the post-utme exams for the consecutive four years they were supposed to have graduated. It was a relief for some students when we heard that the federal government has scrapped the post-utme.
I remember my matriculation ceremony and the feeling of being untop of the world that came with it. However the first year in university is the most important of all the time spent there, but many of us didn’t realize this, when we realized, it was already almost too late. There are some mistakes that undergrads make when they just got admitted in school… Let’s have a quick look at the most prevalent ones.

1.Many of undergrads get into school with the feeling “whooooooo!!!! ! Am free!” this ain’t true. Infact, if you really understand what you got into school to do, you Would realize that school even cages you more than your parents do. Many undergrads fail miserably in school, because they felt that no one would tell them to wake up by 7am any longer, but the truth is if you are serious in school you would even wake up as early as 6am.

2.This is my time to kill all those boys…. That is the slogan of some girls. Especially those girls who were “mummy girls” at home. When they get into school they feel it’s time for them to wear all the mini skirts, they weren’t allowed to wear at home. If you have that in mind. You better rethink unless you want to spend eight years in school for a four years course.

3. Another common mistake is the one I mentioned at the start of this article. Some undergrads feel like “it’s the first year, Make I flex small” ohhh, how wrong they are. That first GPA you make in your first year, is what the remaining of your scores are built on.
Many undergrads make very low GPA in their first year and start struggling to at least graduate with a second class lower.

4. Another common mistake is “wow am in school now, I have succeeded in life”….. Whollup! University is not a guarantee for anything. Some of the world richest men are not even University graduates yet they employ master degree holders. So while in school think of learning something and add to your degree.

5. PRIDE…. pride they say goes before a fall. A lot of undergrads when in school…. Develop mind-boggling pride. They look above everyone’s head. Especially those their friends who were in the “get-to-university-race” with them.

6. It’s a 200k Job when I graduate or nothing… Lol, many of us said this one. But when you enter the Labour market, you realize that no one is going to pay you that money. So we lower our standards… “Okay, 100k for a start is manageable”…… No one still gives you that….. And after you’ve thought hard and long about your life, you say ” at least, 50k is enough for now”….and every office you enter the manager literally hisses at you when you mention that as your salary….. When hunger has reset your brain you’d be like ” I can manage 20k” and even at that….. You hardly find anyone willing to pay and you finally settle for “anything would do, sir” lolzzzzzzz.

Life doesn’t end in getting admitted to a university. Infact life just began. Bring your head down, and learn all that University has to teach you.