Do you ignore your voice? Have you ever been on stage or singing worship in church and you knew your voice wasn’t going to carry you through the performance? This could mean you’ve been abusing that voice. Last two weeks we posted an Article which says “big fat lies you’ve been told about singing” and in there we highlighted some top notch abuses of the Voice.. Do you know that prolonged abuse of the Voice can lead to cancerous growths on the vocal folds? Your vocal health is as important as your overall bodily health. As long as you Aren’t mute. You need to be informed on your vocal health.

Whenever you feel any of these, they are signals to vocal problems.
Rasping tone
Severe dryness of the throat
Fullness or “lump” in the throat
Excessively thick mucus in the throat
Voice fatigue after a period of voice use
Throat irritation or soreness
Loss of vocal range(especially in the higher notes)
Difficulty swallowing
Coughing up blood

Some common causes of throat vocal abuse and irritation

A healthy voice is dependent on a moist vocal cords. We have over flogged the issue of keeping your vocal folds well lubricated and continually moist.
Thin and watery mucus in the throat is normal and necessary. It allows the vocal cords to slip easily past each other during vocal work. If dry, the vocal cords would work hard to produce sound which leads to inflammation or swelling of the vocal cord tissues. Don’t take drinks that are caffeinated or alcoholic, because these drinks would pull out water from your voice box.
Small amounts of caffeine or alcohol is acceptable only if it would be counteracted by added quantities of water.

Reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus and throat is an extremely common condition that results in irritation and poor voice.. Symptoms may include: throat fulness, frequent sore throat, frequent belching, sour content in the mouth or heartburn.
Most often reflux activity will take place 30-60minutes after meals. Always elevate the head of your bed at least 4-6inches and wear lose fitting clothes.

THROAT CLEARING:Don’t clear your throat harshly. If you do, it would bang your throat together and cause irritation.
Some tips to clear your throat properly;
Take a drink of water and don’t speak for a few seconds
Swallow hard
Sniff, then swallow hard
Yawn to relax your throat.
Conditions that affect the throat such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergies and LARYNGOPHARYNGEAL reflux may have the potential to result in throat mucus that is excessive in thickness and quantity.

VOICE STRAIN: Talking too loudly or over loud noises can strain your voice. If you experience vocal strain limit the use of your voice.
Do not force your voice or whisper. Whispering places a lot of tension on your voice than you can imagine.
Avoid excessive speech in noisy environment
Speak at the same tone you say “ummm-hmm”
Allow others talk too… Don’t do all the talking, you aren’t a parrot. Or are you?
Always sing at a comfortable vocal range.
Try not to raise your voice volume when you’re to excited.
Don’t shout across a room or talk over loud background music.

There are other voice issues we may not be able to mention today. Eg singers cough, vocal hemorrhage, breathy tone etc. We would surely handle them next time.
Have you experienced any of these problems listed? Or the one you are experiencing is not listed here? Let us know.
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