Professional singing is not so hard, it is very achievable. But there are a few secrets you need to unlock your singing potentials. There are very few people who actually sing professionally, many musicians are “road side” musicians,who want to be at the top but aren’t ready to observe simple tips with discipline to reach the top.
Forgive me, even some of the musicians we celebrate today aren’t exactly doing the right thing.,but what we are concerned about is the money.,well,that is good but if you are looking to capture the local people in your village. But if you are Artiste who is international-minded then they are few, simple tricks you need to observe.
Let’s list out a few:you may want to get a paper and a biro.

1.You will sound much more better when your singing is activated from your belly. Many singers push their voices from the clavicle(throat). Singing that is activated from the throat doesn’t carry enough power like the one activated from your belly.

2.your jaw should drop as it does when you yawn whenever holding a note in your upper range. This aids you to hit higher notes.

3.practice in a place where you are free to make mistakes and not worrying about who might be listening. Ever wondered why you sound so. Good in the bathroom?

4.if you diligently vocalize for half and hour everyday you’ll be surprised at how much more ready to sing you’ll always be.

5.if you have cough or want to clear your throat, do so gently. Coughing roughly may injure your vocal folds. and sleep properly and ideally. All of those things will enable your body to relax. Bodily exercises affect the vocal cords too.

7.maintain a high level of water in your body. Keep your vocal cords lubricated with at least 8glasses of water

8.whenever you have a performance and it’s going to be sang on a particular key e.g keyf. During your rehearsals try and sing a semi tone or a full tone above that key I.e FSHARP(F#) OR G.
This would aid you to sing more comfortably on F during your performance.

9.when you practice do so slowly, and give yourself ample time to relax before workout.

10.Body workout is to body building as vocal workout is to vocal building. Don’t joke with your vocal exercises.

11.singing at shows, recording sessions or band rehearsals should not be considered practice. You must make out time to practice without the pressure to sound good.

12.don’t smoke. Smoking puts at great risk the “apparatus” in your body that is needed for singing. Unless you don’t desire a good career in music then you can continue smoking.

13.whenever you are about to take breath.Be sure your shoulders aren’t raised. Your shoulders should be relaxed so that your diaphragm can be filled up.

14.When you are breathing in and you can hear your inhalation. Stop. Your ate taking in too much air or your stomach is tensed.

15.A tightened jaw is bad for singing. Do whatever is necessary to relieve your jaw, neck and shoulders of unnecessary tension.

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