Some bosses can be a real pain in the ass. If you are unlucky to be working with a bad boss then you are in for one helluva job. Many times at work they are some really mean words you wish you could say to that Fat man standing over you and ordering you about,but then you think “Where would I get another job?”. Companies are already laying off workers and you are lucky to still have a job and you wanna lose it?
Hey, but nothing stops us from saying It in our minds. So let’s play around with some of those things we want to say to our boss. Please don’t use any of them and tell your boss you saw them on this blog o! We won’t employ you.

1.SHUT THE F**K UP:Lolzzzz… Many times your boss is just yapping on how lazy you are, how you don’t wanna work, how you should be grateful he hasn’t fired you. You wish you could just say “shut the f**K up” and watch with pure joy how his plump face turns bright red. But can we? Naah.

2.I WOULD SHOW UP WHEN I WANT:Hehehe… You are a bit late for work and your boss just can’t stop draining your battery with incessant calls. How you wish you could just pick up the call and say “I would show up when I want!” and hang up. If wishes were to be horses right?

3.I HOPE YOU DIE, SIR:This one is really mean, but don’t lie… Sometimes your boss had really gotten so much on your nerves that you wished you could just look him straight in the eye, and with a cool, majid Micheal smile and say “I hope you die,sir”…This would not only get you fired. It would put you in kirikiri prison.

4.I QUIT:Some people have actually gotten themselves to say this one. Just two words but probably the Hardest of them all. If you say this one, just park and go.

5.I AM GOING TO SLEEP.WOULD WORK WHEN I’VE SLEPT ENOUGH:Many of us love to sleep under that sweet, office Air conditioning system. But our boss would never let us have that sleep. Sometimes we wish we could just tell him to get lost and have that beauty sleep.

6.BAD DAY SIR:This is actually the opposite of “goodday sir”. How we long to walk into the office on a Monday morning and instead of saying “good day sir” we actually let him know how we truly feel “Badday sir”

7.I WANT MY PAYCHECK NOW:Again some employees had been able to this and be heroes to the rest of us. Sometimes that end of month wait could be a long and slow one. We just wanna knock on our Boss office and tell him “I want my paycheck now” and watch him sign that check. If you do this and he’s actually signing something, Check properly, it may just be your sack letter.

Lol…. Am sure many of you can actually relate to some of those words. Are they any you wish to say, that we omitted. You Had better say it us than at your office. Again, Truenaijayarn won’t employ you… Lol