Children are cute and funny at the same time. Sometimes I just take time to observe children, watch them play, and interact with each other. They could be fun watching, don’t you agree? Am not married and I don’t have a child yet, but I look forward to having one. They are a bunch of blessing indeed.
However for those who already have kids they are some ways to improve your relationship with them. Nothing as good as having a wonderful relationship with this little people.
Let’s see ten sure ways to improve your relationship with them.

1.SAY I LOVE YOU:Lol, I haven’t ever heard my parents say “I love you” to me. I know they love me, their actions say it all,but they never verbally say it. In this part of the world our parents find it hard saying “I love you” to their kids. Tell your child you love him/her everyday no matter his or age. A simple “I love you” goes a long way towards developing and then strenghtening a relationship.

2.TEACH THEM FAITH:Teach your child whatever you believe in. Tell him what you believe in and why you believe in it. Reinforce those teaching always. At least this is something we do get right here in Nigeria.

3.PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN:Of course this rarely happens here;We are so busy and often look at our kids as what they are “kids” we would rather tell them “Go and play with your mates” as much as this is good. Sometimes this kids needs to play with people older than them. Let your kids see your silly side. Be the horse they can ride on till they actually ride a real horse.

4.EAT MEALS AS A FAMILY:This is really important. Don’t cook food and one is eating in the kitchen another in the room. No. Let everyone be on the dining table. Turn the TV off and don’t rush a meal. Ask them how they spent their day.

5.RESPECT THEM:Respect whatever choices they make as long as it’s not something that would be too detrimental to them. Allow them wear their mismatched clothes. Allow them arrange their rooms the way they want. You don’t need to be the decision maker all time.

6.ALLOW THEM BE KIDS:I have met with a lot of kids who are “adults” and it leaves me wondering if these ones are kids or adults. Some Nigerian parents goes overboard with the way they dress their kids. You would see a two year old girl, with bracelets, rings, necklaces all over her tender body. Allow your kids be kids.

7.DEVELOP A BEDTIME PRACTICE:Especially here in Nigeria. Alot of parents don’t tuck their kids in bed. Read a bed time story with your kid. Once they are able to read themselves, let them read you a page or a short book. Most teenagers enjoy being told Goodnight in a special way even though they may act as if they don’t.

8.HAVE A ONE-ON-ONE TALK:Find time to talk to your kids. Talk with them from time to time. Let them discuss their fears and insecurities with you. Even ask them about that girl or boy they really like… It’s better they be blushing in front of you, than in front of the wrong person.

Stop worrying and enjoy watching your children grow. But be part of their growth process.

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