Why 90% of musicians fail is because everyone wants to be “The Artiste”. No one wants to give the push, everyone wants to be the one being pushed. So many musicians live very frustrated lives because they never achieved their dreams of being “The Artiste” they forget that not everyone can be The star…. If everyone is the star who would manage the star, promote his music, produce and distribute his songs.
Let’s see some other careers in music one can do, apart from being “The Artiste”.

1.PERSONAL MANAGER: The personal manager represents one or more musical groups or artiste and oversee all aspects of an act’s career. They give advice to the Artiste on decisions and contracts. When looking for a personal artiste it’s advisable that it’s someone who is like a father figure to the Artiste.

2.BOOKING AGENT:Booking agents work to secure performance for the Artiste or music group. Booking agents are extroverts who possess excellent communication skills. They often work closely with the Artiste manager and develop the talent toward a goal.

3.CONCERT PROMOTER:The concert promoter presents, organizers, advertise and in most cases finance concerts at performance venues such as arenas, festivals, clubs, church buildings etc.

4.ENTREPENUER(MUSIC BUSINESS MAN):A person who organizes, and assumes the risk for a music business venture.

5.RETAIL SALES MANAGEMENT:A retail sales manager works, runs and operate a retail store. Duties are Supervision, training, ordering the timing and arrival of distribution shipments to the store, budgeting and financial planning

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