An Australian TV presenter is facing a social media backlash after calling for a ban on Muslim immigrants to the country during a live discussion about the terror attack in Nice. Sonia Kruger, a co-host of Channel Nine's Today Extra programme, was responding on Monday to a column by conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, who asserted in his article that "jihadist terrorists" had made "France Europe's bloodiest battlefield" because "France let in the most Muslims". Kruger, who also presents The Voice Australia said she thought Bolt "has a point", and that while she had a lot of Muslim friends who were "peace-loving, beautiful people", "fanatics" also existed. She said she would like to see the immigration of Muslims to Australia "stopped... because I want to feel safe." Fellow presenter David Campbell disagreed, arguing: "This sort of article breeds hate." Today host Lisa Wilkinson asked Kruger to clarify if she did want Australia's borders closed to Muslims at this point. Kruger replied: "Yes I would." She refused to back down, later tweeting: "Following the atrocities of last week in Nice where 10 children lost their lives, as a mother, I believe it's vital in a democratic society to be able to discuss these issues without automatically being labelled a racist." However, Twitter users hit back using the hashtag #asamother.

Peter Murphy wrote: "Dear @SoniaKruger, What will you say "#asamother" to an Aussie #Muslim Mum whose child is bullied in the playground at school tomorrow?" Lydia Shelley tweeted: You think that our hearts do not feel sorrow? That we don't fear terrorism? That we don't grieve? #asamother." Caitlin Fitzsimmons said: "So yes, motherhood can change you - I've experienced that #asamother - but no, concern for your kids is not an excuse for racism." Shirley Knot tweeted: "#asamother #asagrandmother I want my family to grow up in a peaceful, multicultural world where tolerance is the norm." Anne Smith wrote: "#Asamother I wish my kids were exposed to intelligent complex discussion of issues on TV rather than celebrity opinion." Shane Matthew Neave tweeted: "Sonia Kruger has done a Trump, she has Muslim friends, hmmmm, but uhh...doesn't want Muslims here!" Some people used the hashtag to tweet against what they described as the "bullying" of Kruger on the social media platform. A user by the name of Ashleigh (Ashb73) wrote: "While I totally disagree & am frustrated by her comments,I 100% do not condone the bullying/harassment of Sonia. Bullying is hate #AsAMother." Kruger also had some support on Twitter, with one user going by the name if Masterchiefs Wife (@MasterchiefsWif) writing: "#asamother I will protect my children and risk being labelled a bigot in order to make change happen! Sonia is right. We need to address it.