Just want us to have fun this beautiful Sunday evening. You know sometimes wives fear the “mother-in-law” problem even before they get married. I have heard some unmarried girls say that theythey can’t get married to a guy whose mother is still alive and I ask “na you wan kill am?” and even if she does due. Remember one day your son would wanna get married. What if his girlfriend also wants you dead too?
You know the problem with The “mother-in-law” issues is “the” problem with women.
Women are often very troublesome and it’s not news that women are hostile especially to themselves.
So imagine when a woman who carried her boy for nine months, raised him up as a good man now meets another woman who seems to want to take her boy from her.? What do you think would happen..
So now let’s paint a scenario leading up to our post title.
Kaleb married Tania. His mother “mama Kaleb” decides to come spend sometime with her son Kaleb. Mama Kaleb has never really gone along well with Tania. She didn’t like her from the first day Kaleb brought her to introduce as wife. She isn’t from their tribe, she talks too much, she can’t cook as good as mama Kaleb, she is just a leech… This is what mama Kaleb thinks of Tania. Tania is a beautiful woman, 26years old, hardworking and business savvy. she has been married to Kaleb for over six months. Though she loves Kaleb so much even their tribal differences couldn’t keep them apart,But she can’t say the same for mama Kaleb. Since the first day Kaleb introduced her to mama… She knew mama didn’t like her, she could feel those eyes sizing her up and after the sizing it seems she didn’t pass. She knew mama didn’t approve of her.. . That day she heard Kaleb and mama yelling at each other. But she just married Kaleb cos she loves him so much and didn’t see herself with anybody else but him…. But mama was in the way….! On Wednesday, Kaleb who is a business man had left as early as 5am to see to his business.. Leaving just mama and Tania at home! (wahala).
Tania knew mama wanted a fight and she was ready to give her one if need be, but she would avoid her the best she could because of Kaleb. Mama pranced around the house like a lion. She would look at the Floor to see if it was properly mopped. She checked the TV and with each one she checked she nodded her head in disagreement and muttered something in her language which made Tania more nervous because she didn’t know what mama was muttering under angry breath. Tania had tried learning Kaleb’s tribe language but it didn’t seem to be “entering” her head…. She only understood basic things

Then the camels back broke when mama yelled “Tania…. Abi Wat is that your name sef! Come her my friend!” Tania knew there was trouble cos from experience she knew that when a Nigerian parent called you “my friend” it wasn’t in the right sense of the word “friend” Infact it was quite the opposite
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