Growing up as a kid I was an ardent fan of the Nigerian super Eagles. I kept being a fan till I entered my teenage years.
I remember that time, once it was Nigeria playing, I would run home from church even at the risk of being knocked down by cars just to watch Mtly heroes play. Even when the devil pushed Nepa officials to off the light and we didn’t switch on our generator, I would run to anybody’s house and beg to be allowed to watch Nigeria play from their door nets.
However something made me stop watching Super eagles and I would tell you the story.

On that particular day Nigeria was to play Egypt. Egypt and Nigeria had been battling from the Under-23 to the senior team. So that day we all gathered to watch Nigeria pummel Egypt once and for all. After all, my heroes have already told us on the tabloids that Egypt would be crushed. You would see headlines “We would crush Egypt” “Nigeria set to teach Egypt a lesson”….. Whenever I saw this kinda headlines I would shake my head in approval “Yes, we go kill them today”
So My dad, my brother and I stayed awake after everyone else had slept to watch our team.

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