Music today has gone beyond just having a good voice and singing. The bitter truth is that talent is just not enough to set you apart as a musician.
Alot of upcoming musicians Especially in Nigeria don’t know beyond going to the studio do a track and Hope it “blows”.
Over 90% percent of musicians I have come across don’t even know what branding is all about. They don’t know how to copyright their songs.
You would see a musician whose stage name is “Slexykid” few steps down the road you meet another “Kidslexy”. This is as a result as bad branding….Every upcoming artiste should have a brand manager. Even if you can’t afford a professional, get a friend who would be brutally honest to you.

Three basic brands every musician should have
1.VISUAL APPEAL:I have met with a lot of musicians who think that being a musician means being unkept, saggy trousers, dirty Dreaded hair Etc. Infact music is supposed to affect the way you look positively. Even as an upcoming act, you are already a public figure. People would judge you First by your appearance, Remember you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression.
Strife to look unique and different. Get a stylist and let them carve out a unique style for you.
For example;Asa-When you see Asa you would recognize her immediately by here dread hair and rimmed glasses.

2.AUDIO APPEAL: Define your sound. Don’t jump on a beat that everyone else is jumping on. When you get to the studio don’t just pick a sound and start singing. Create your music around your sound. Asa for instance is known by her more acoustic guitar sounds. Fela was known for his usually heavy percussions. Your sound is what you feel most comfortable singing too… Find that.
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