Alot of Young people now can’t do without mobile phones(me inclusive). Sometimes we press phones for no reason… We just enjoy spending quality time with our phones. Some of us even take our phones to the toilet and spend close to an hour there operating our phones.
But of course anything Good also has it’s bad sides. There are some health hazards that comes with constant and abusive use of these devices.

1.SLEEPING DISORDER: Sara Thoméeet al[2] which found that high mobile phone use was associated with sleep disorders. Major contributing factors to interrupted sleep pattern are getting awakened in the middle of the night due to mobile rings and vibration and increased use of mobiles phones in the evening until midnight.
Night time is when a lot of young people stay awake, chatting or making calls. And then by 7am you have to be up to work, school or business. So you wonder why you are sleep deprived?

2.CANCER: Of course this is not a new finding. As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), mobile phones emit radio frequency (RF) fields a 1000 times greater than what is emitted from base stations. It’s obvious that this increased emission is likely to have some adverse effect on health of users.

3.HIGH ACCIDENT RISK: I personally fall into this category of Phone users. Many of us don’t have the patience of waiting till we get home to check those messages. We just have to check them on the road while walking or driving. Sometimes we even use earphones to block out any sound and get lost in the music. Be careful

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