Greg Smith is the founder of Hybrid Athletes, a professional fitness training organization in Orlando, Florida. Greg wears a suit to work everyday and is approached by many people asking for money, in Downtown Orlando. There is one person, in particular, who Greg always notices. This is because she's different. She never asks for money. She just makes eye with Greg, smiles, and says, “Good morning Sir, have a great day. God Bless!" Amy Joe is the homeless woman who smiles at Greg, but never asks for money. He began to take her to lunch once a week. Amy is an extremely positive person, even though she has very little.

This past week, Amy admitted to Greg the reason she is homeless is not because she smokes or drinks or has a drug addiction. She cannot find a job, because she cannot read. Any money she receives, she uses to borrow books from the library. So now on their weekly lunch date, Greg rents a book from the library, and they read together. He then lets her hold onto the book, so she can practice on her own, throughout the week. If you're as fortunate at Greg, always remember, something, even as simple as a smile, could really brighten up someone's day. And someone like Amy Joe, can change your life just ask much as you can change theirs!