Sex is something that is almost inevitable except you choose to become a nun or priest. However many parents especially in this part of the world choose to shy away from telling their children about sex. You know the saying “what you don’t know doesn’t kill you”. The truth is “what you don’t know actually kills you”. Ignorance or lack of knowledge on a particular thing is very dangerous.
A baby that doesn’t know that a knife can kill would probably play around with that knife and if there is no one around to take away that knife, that knife might actually kill that baby.

Growing up when I was a teenager. I was never taught about sex by my parents. So I grew up totally ignorant about sex and if not for the help of God I would have actually discovered it in a wrong way, and you know how it feels when you discover something by yourself for the first time.

Statistics have it that about 80% of teenagers in Nigeria aren’t taught about sex by their parents. Even the mention of sex by some children can lead to them being severely dealt with by their parents.

Teenagers are very inquisitive and want to know more than they already know. So it would be tantamount to foolishness when you think that you can hide Something like sex from them. sex is everywhere now, on the TV, Internet, advertisements, even TV commercials sells sex to sell their products. So when you don’t teach them trust me they would eventually find out.

I have met with alot of teenagers who even when you put a gun to their heads would never say “penis” or “vagina”
Why? Cos their parents has told them that those words are forbidden.
Remember that time when your parents would tell you that “Don’t go near that boy o! If you do, you Would Carry Belle”
And this hindered relationship for many of us with the opposite sex. Why do Nigerian parents want to Raise dunces? Who can’t stand for themselves or look the opposite sex straight to the eye to ask for a pencil. And when these teenagers eventually discover sex it becomes a big problem Cos the sweetest type of discovery is self-discovery. Self-discovery leaves a more lasting impression on one’s mind than something someone else said.

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