#1 Childhood Ruined

Right in the childhood, ladies and gentlemen. Good luck watching this scene again without thinking about it.

#2 Hipster Hyenas

You always knew those hyenas were cooler than you.


Well, they say a fictional story always has to come from something real; just didn't expect that to apply to Disney movies!

#4 Handsome Throw Rug

That, he did... If you feel bad about that, try to remember how he killed his own brother, k?

#5 Moment of Realization

Don't worry bro, we've all been there before...

#6 Everything the Light Touches...

Lion King really has had a successful run. From video games to fanfics, this is a story that spans an impressive kingdom.

#7 Scarf Season

Scar could have totally reinvented himself into a sassy metrosexual who assaulted everyone's fashion choices instead of his own family members. He had the hair for it.

#8 Pretty Much

Yeah, that's about how it happened. Here's all the info without all the emotion.

#9 Such a Good Look

Mufasa really had some nice hair, a mustache really would have rounded everything out for him.

#10 Wrong Lion

Seriously though, why was Simba the only lion these guys every encountered out there?