Suffer not a witch to live? Exodus 22:18.This has been the slogan of many home in Africa, precisely Nigeria. We Nigerians are very superstitious people we attach spiritual relevance to everything we do. You can imagine telling a Nigerian “sir the elevator is going downstairs, so you are going down.” and he quickly claps back at you “I will not go down in Jesus name”. That’s how “close” to God we are. Children has for many decades suffered mercilessly under the hands of many of the religious fanatics. Physiologically, mentally and emotional abuse on account of being witches or demon spirits.
Some churches exorcize these children by flogging them with whips, leaving them out in the cold to die, starving them of food in the hope that the demon in them would get hungry and flee…lol

Earlier this year we read of a child who was abandoned by his parents in akwa ibom on account of being a Wizard. When I saw the Child pictures which was scattered all over the Internet. I didn’t see a wizard. I saw a child who had been abandoned by his own parents who were supposed to take care of him. I saw a child who was emaciated and hungry.
This boy had been left to die on the streets of akwa ibom until a white woman with tattoos saved him. You may be surprised why I had to include the “tattoos” to describe her. In Christianity “tattoos” are not exactly an example of being a good person let alone a good Christian. However this supposed bad person did a good act that am sure heaven would recognize.
Exactly what happened in the Bible days, when Jesus Christ told his disciples about the parable of the good Samaritan. Where, supposed men of God walked past a man who was at the jaws of death.

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